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Girl Peeing and Nipple Licking Friends
Brittany , Haley
There is some unreal late night debauchery in this Throw Back Thursday Update! Real banana going up a girls pussy... another girl going down on some random blonde stripper that showed up... jack daniels chugging... peeing on the patio while smoking... licking pussy, spreading asshole, sucking nipples...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
Cops break up South Padre Wet T
Brittany , Haley
You KNOW things are getting rad if the police disapprove. Why can't they let us kids have fun, anyhow? What's so wrong with wet T-shirt contests, girls making out and licking whipped cream off of each other? We still can't figure it out. Sign up today and watch this update, and try not to worry about...

Tags: amateur babe beautiful titties big boobs
Rabbit Dildo on the beach during Spring Break in South Padre
Haley , Stephany SB08
All silliness aside, it is fucking RAD when hot girls suck on their rabbit vibrator before shoving it inside themselves and cranking that bitch up to 11. In this update, we get to play on the beaches of South Padre with two petite cuties who have no problem getting each other wet. And not with ocean...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur babe
South Padre Britney Pussy Smoking Naked at Spring Break
Brittany , Haley
This is what happens when you take 6 crazy ass girls to South Padre Island for spring break. Travel with me as the girls get ready for a night on the town. Words cannot describe that it is like so the best thing is to watch the video. The already crazy night ends with Brittney smoking a cigarette...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
4Kthrowback Coke Beach Spring Break and Lesbian Fuck Fest
Brittany , Haley
Another day in the life on Spring Break. I took 4 of my best and most uninhibited girls to party on the beach; in the beach house; in the limo; in the outdoor shower. This is a 12 hour day packed into a 1 hour video and 658 photos. On the beach the girls drew a big crowd flashing; kissing; and drinking....

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
A Wet T-Shirt Contest and the Crazy Craziness That Followed
Brittany , Haley
This bunch of girls that I took to South Padre Island for spring break was the craziest ever. They enthusiastically competed in the wet T-shirt contest at Tequila Frog's. The girls ate pussy in the limo ride back from Tequila Frog's. Back at the house they played in the pool, ate pussy in the pool...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur axe wound
Flashing and dancing girls during Spring Break
Brittany , Haley
Sometimes during a Spring Break trip, I end up shooting a video that really just shows lots of random girls flashing their tits out in the open! This is one of those fairly rare videos!... Lots of girls just showing their skin to anyone that wants to see! I will never get tired of this kind of video!...

Tags: amateur babe beautiful titties behind the scenes (bts)
4Kthrowback Spring Break Sex Party After Hours
Brittany , Haley
Here's some long lost video for Spring Break a couple years ago... Had this super hot, but random, blonde girl come back to the house to party it up... long story short, she ended up getting butt naked and letting hailey go down on her, among other crazy things... like shoving a banana up britney's pussy!...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
4Kthrowback Britney Pussy Injection with a Running Garden Hose
Brittany , Haley
A great never before seen video from Spring Break Past! I don't know how the hell I didn't remember shooting this video before... Maybe it was my extensive use of painkillers and booze... But I honestly, don't even remember this happening, even tho the photos prove that I was right there when it happend!......

Tags: amateur anal babe beach
ride the limo, then squirt and gape after hours
Brittany , Haley
Here's some never before seen footage from Spring Break past... Super hot girls doing some serious Pussy Gaping and Squirting... This is a pretty hardcore party video... I will be continuing to post never before seen updates every week on Tuesdays... New Fresh content will always be posted on Thursday/Fridays!......

Tags: amateur babe beautiful titties behind the scenes (bts)
4Kthrowback Oklahoma Spring Break Couch Dirtyness
Brittany , Haley
Oklahoma may be known for its beautiful prairies and iconic cowboy culture, but this hot big-boobed pornstar is here to show off a different side of the state. Watch as she strips naked and masturbates on the couch, bringing herself to new heights of pleasure. And just when you think she can't take any...

Tags: 20 years old amateur babe barbie
4Kthrowback Spring Break 4-way
Brittany , Haley
Four beautiful girls let loose on spring break, exploring their wildest lesbian fantasies and documenting it all for pleasure. Pussy licking and fingering bring them to new heights of ecstasy as they abandon every inhibition. Nebraska Jim captures it all on camera, giving viewers an intimate glimpse...

Tags: 18 years old amateur axe wound babe
Home movie from spring break
Brittany , Haley
Spring break is a time for college girls to let loose and shake off the stress of midterms and assignments. And what better way to do that than showing off their amazing bodies on the beach? These girls love the attention they get when they flash their tits and dance wild with their friends. Who can...

Tags: amateur babe behind the scenes (bts) bikini
4Kthrowback Spring Break Pussy Eating
Brittany , Haley
Leah, Kayla, Hailey, and Brittany were ready for some fun in the sun during their Spring Break. And what better way to start the day than a shower together, followed by some steamy hot tub action? These girls weren't afraid to get adventurous, as they eagerly licked and sucked each other's pussies before...

Tags: 18 years old amateur babe bath / shower
Model's Personal Pics from their Personal Cameras during Spring Break 2008
Brittany , Haley
College girls love sharing their memories, especially the naughty ones. What better way to relive those steamy spring break moments in South Padre than by swapping memory cards filled with intimate photos? Bouncing beach bodies, flashing titties, and wild nights out - these girls aren't afraid to let...

Tags: drinking fashion model / instagram model pierced / nipple / clit / piercings spring break
4Kthrowback Clubbing and Britney Banana in Ass
Brittany , Haley
Banana in the ass time!!! What a fun evening, so much clubbing and fucking...at the moment my favourite activities with these girls around me!!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur anal
Naked in Public and Other Craziness
Brittany , Haley
Getting these girls naked in public doesn't seem to be too difficult. Plenty of hotties eating each others pussy's and showing their bits to the world!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur babe
4Kthrowback Spring Break Day Party and Lesbian Shower
Brittany , Haley
So here's a great video that was previously not seen on the site, but I decided to go back and add as a neverbeforeseen update... It was actually shot on the date that this update is listed under!... Spring Break day parties are always awesome; but this one got even crazier when we got back to the spring...

Tags: amateur babe bath / shower beautiful titties
4Kthrowback Pussy Eating Strip Beer Pong and Day Party Fun
Brittany , Haley
Nothing like a good fun day party to get the girls super dtf for the evening session...which is exactly what happened! Lots of pussy is eaten on camera and plenty of girls go mad for strip beer pong which involves such hot girls as per usual!

Tags: amateur babe beautiful titties behind the scenes (bts)
4Kthrowback Spring Break Unmarked Tape
Brittany , Haley
Sun, sex and more of the same!! Spring Break like you wished you had experienced it!!! We go hard here, lots of footage, so many hot girls, perky tits everywhere!!!

Tags: amateur babe barbie beach
4Kthrowback debauchery in a hot tub in the middle of the night
Brittany , Haley
Brittany brought so much pussy eating to our spring break trip this year, that I almost forgot to even post this video! Here she is turning out the inner lesbian in another spring break girl! Epic first time lesbian experience, ONCE AGAIN! Thanks Brit! OH, and don't forget all the ass licking!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur axe wound
4Kthrowback Couple Days of Good Rounded Spring Break Fun
Brittany , Haley
Spring Break fun that involves naked bull riding, keg drinking, lots n lots of beautiful titty's..plenty of good fun girls who are down to get very naughty on the camera!

Tags: amateur babe beach beautiful titties
4Kthrowback Wild Spring Break Girls
Brittany , Haley
There's nothing like a wet t-shirt contest to get the party started! And these wild spring break girls know just how to put on a show. Watch as they strut their stuff and flaunt their assets in front of a cheering crowd. The competition is fierce, but only one can be crowned the winner. So who will it...

4Kthrowback Wild Girls Partying Naked On Spring Break
Brittany , Haley
The best thing about spring break is that it's a time to let loose and party! And what better way to party than by getting wild and taking our clothes off? That's right, we're talking about girls gone wild, partying hard and getting naked on spring break! There's nothing like the sight of a beautiful...


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