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Models / Brittany

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During a wild spring break late night, Cookie was in the Pussy

Tags: 18 years old amateur axe wound babe
A wet t-shirt contest on stage followed by glowstick sex after hours
Brittany , Haley Br

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
Partying and clubbing during spring break
Brittany , Haley Br
The girls I bring to Spring Break are the most outrageous I can find. They party all day and night. The video has them getting ready to go out, playing in the hot tub and at the club. Everywhere they go they end up kissing, fondling, eating each others pussy, dancing, and finding all kinds of ways...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
Pong Lesbian Spring Break Fun
Brittany , Rihanna
We challenged Brittany and Rihanna to a game of pong. It seems like every time we get two naked girls in close proximity they end up having sex with each other. So this update is pong gone wild. After it was over the girls headed to the hot tub.

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur babe
Limo Dildo Fun and Wet T-shirt Contest during spring break
Brittany , Rihanna
The first 10 minutes of the limo ride to Chaos Night club are some of the best video you will see with two girls who love girls. I gave each of them a vibrating dildo for the trip and the girls went to town. At one point Rihanna is in charge of both of them and running them in rhythm. These two girls...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur axe wound
Spring Break Piercings, Pong, and Strap-Ons for the First Time
Brittany , Rihanna
A day in the life of my girls at Spring Break. This included a trip to get three of the girls pierced. You will enjoy watching that. Throw in some pong and a little strap on action and you have a great experience in this update. Nothing is staged. I shot it just they way it happened.

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
Lesbian Fuck Fest during Spring Break
Brittany , Rihanna
We had been out for the evening and the girls arrived back to the house with a pretty good buzz on. First up was shots delivered by pussy. Just slide the tube into the slit and let your girl friend drink it up. Then a dildo with an illuminated tip found its way into a willing pussy. Then all mayhem...

Tags: 20 years old amateur babe beautiful titties
Spring Break Sex After Hours
Brittany , Haley

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old 20 years old amateur
Topless spring break girls dancing at a day party with Vanilla Ice
Brittany , Haley Br
"Hot Heather" as all of her friends have known her for years, came down to party with us down at Spring Break... She is usually so shy and I don't think that anyone that knows her could even imagine her getting naked out in public at a spring break party; BUT, that's exactly what went down!... Check...

Tags: amateur babe beach beautiful titties
Three girls naked playing twister on spring break
Brittany , Rihanna
3 naked girls playing twister! Just what I love to see! They all loved touching eachothers pussies as well! ... Love all the close up pussy licking and fingering that I shot in this video! It's another blast from the past video that I shot back a couple years ago, but never posted on the site... Hope...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur bath / shower
Britney Pussy Injection with a Running Garden Hose
Brittany , Haley
A great never before seen video from Spring Break Past! I don't know how the hell I didn't remember shooting this video before... Maybe it was my extensive use of painkillers and booze... But I honestly, don't even remember this happening, even tho the photos prove that I was right there when it happend!......

Tags: amateur anal babe beach
Spring Break Pussy Munching in my Expedition
Brittany , Rihanna
As Spring Break blesses South Padre Island, college girls flock to the beaches with drinks in hand and sexual energy buzzing through their veins. In my Expedition, these wild vixens use their mouths to give pleasure like never before, expertly maneuvering their tongues and lips to bring me to new heights...

Tags: 18 years old amateur babe beautiful titties
Oklahoma Spring Break Couch Dirtyness
Brittany , Haley
Oklahoma may be known for its beautiful prairies and iconic cowboy culture, but this hot big-boobed pornstar is here to show off a different side of the state. Watch as she strips naked and masturbates on the couch, bringing herself to new heights of pleasure. And just when you think she can't take any...

Tags: 20 years old amateur babe barbie
Nebraskacoeds Pay Per View Tv Show Episode 3 Spring Break Confessions
Brittany , Christie

Spring Break 4-way
Brittany , Haley
Four beautiful girls let loose on spring break, exploring their wildest lesbian fantasies and documenting it all for pleasure. Pussy licking and fingering bring them to new heights of ecstasy as they abandon every inhibition. Nebraska Jim captures it all on camera, giving viewers an intimate glimpse...

Tags: 18 years old amateur axe wound babe
Tequila Frog's Wet T-Shirt Contest (Short and Sweet)
Brittany , Rihanna
Tequila Frog's Wet T-Shirt Contest is the hottest event of the summer. Beautiful girls flock to the stage, willing to do whatever it takes to win that cash prize. As wet t-shirts cling to their skin, they dance and seduce the audience for votes. The tension in the room is electric as everyone watches,...

Tags: amateur beautiful titties big boobs college
Lezbo Limo Lickfest
Brittany , Rihanna
Here is some amazing spring break footage from ’08! It’s 18 year old Brittney and 18 year old Rehannon, gearing up for some of the craziest partying of their lives! It all started with one kiss and ends with them eating one another out! It’s about 30 mins long and pure girl on girl action.

Tags: 18 years old amateur babe beautiful titties
Spring Break Pussy Eating
Brittany , Haley
Leah, Kayla, Hailey, and Brittany were ready for some fun in the sun during their Spring Break. And what better way to start the day than a shower together, followed by some steamy hot tub action? These girls weren't afraid to get adventurous, as they eagerly licked and sucked each other's pussies before...

Tags: 18 years old amateur babe bath / shower
Long Lost Spring Break Home Video From Stripper Brittney
Brittany , Rihanna

Spring Break Pool Party Upskirt Club Dancing Hot Girl
Brittany , Leigh Livingston

Private Video Compilation From Spring Break Filmed with a Shared Small Camera
Brittany , Holly (aka Kendra)
Finally, here is the second video update from Spring Break 2008!... This update is made up of all the little video clips that we shot with all of our little "point-and-shoot" still cameras between March 15th 2008, and March 27th, 2008... Basically the second half of the month... In total, this update...

Tags: 18 years old amateur babe beach
Spring Break Party Girls Eating Pussy And Partying Back At The Club For Upskirt Dancing
Brittany , Haley Br

Spring Break Naked College Coed Party
Brittany , Haley Br

Tags: beach
Spring Break Concert At Club Then Dirty Lesbian Limo Ride Afterhours
Brittany , Katia
It was the last night of Spring Break, and I was ready to let loose. I hit up the club with my girls, and we danced the night away. The music was pumping, and the energy was high. We were all feeling ourselves, and we were ready to have some fun. When the club closed, we hopped in a limo and headed to...

Spring Break Day Party Hot Shay Lynn Dancing Nude Wet Tshirt Contest Pussy Licking
Brittany , Katia
It's that time of year again...time for spring break! And what better way to celebrate than with a hot, wet, naked girl dancing on stage? Shay Lynn is the perfect candidate for this year's Spring Break Day Party Hot Shay Lynn Dancing Nude Wet Tshirt Contest. With her sultry moves and seductive eyes,...

Tags: bath / shower
Clubbing and Britney Banana in Ass
Brittany , Haley
Banana in the ass time!!! What a fun evening, so much clubbing and fucking...at the moment my favourite activities with these girls around me!!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur anal
Dirty Fun at Night at the Spring Break House
Brittany , Holly (aka Kendra)
More dirty dirty sexy scenes for you all!! Spring Break house unleashed..such hot girls getting tits and pussy out for my camera.. Night time edition has some orgasms for your viewing pleasure!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur babe
Spring Break Day Party and Lesbian Shower
Brittany , Haley
So here's a great video that was previously not seen on the site, but I decided to go back and add as a neverbeforeseen update... It was actually shot on the date that this update is listed under!... Spring Break day parties are always awesome; but this one got even crazier when we got back to the spring...

Tags: amateur babe bath / shower beautiful titties
Pussy Eating Strip Pong and Day
Brittany , Haley

Tags: amateur babe beautiful titties behind the scenes (bts)
Spring Break Unmarked Tape Remaster
Brittany , Haley

debauchery in a hot tub in the middle of the night
Brittany , Haley
Brittany brought so much pussy eating to our spring break trip this year, that I almost forgot to even post this video! Here she is turning out the inner lesbian in another spring break girl! Epic first time lesbian experience, ONCE AGAIN! Thanks Brit! OH, and don't forget all the ass licking!

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur axe wound
Spring Break Footage And Limo Riding Lesbians
Brittany , Jenny (aka Oklahoma)

Couple Days of Good Rounded Spring Break Fun
Brittany , Haley

Tags: amateur babe beach beautiful titties
Spring Break Coeds Taking Turns Masturbating On A Boat In A Limo And Back At The Hotel
Brittany , Haley

Wild Spring Break Girls
Brittany , Haley
There's nothing like a wet t-shirt contest to get the party started! And these wild spring break girls know just how to put on a show. Watch as they strut their stuff and flaunt their assets in front of a cheering crowd. The competition is fierce, but only one can be crowned the winner. So who will it...

Wild Girls Partying Naked On Spring Break
Brittany , Haley
The best thing about spring break is that it's a time to let loose and party! And what better way to party than by getting wild and taking our clothes off? That's right, we're talking about girls gone wild, partying hard and getting naked on spring break! There's nothing like the sight of a beautiful...

Footage from Spring Break on the beach
Brittany , Shay Lynn
It was kind of an off day out on the beach... there were still thousands of students out on the beach partying... and PLENTY of hot college girls with young nubile bodies, that were MORE than willing to flash my cameras!... Here's a video that camera guy Jesse shot with his small camera!

Tags: amateur beach beautiful titties big boobs
Spring Break Object Masturbation and Wet T-Shirt Contest at End
Brittany , Shay Lynn
Hot chics pushing different objects in their pussy's!!! Watch and enjoy!!! Very wild some of these girls...some stunners too! Watch some tight young puss get stretched out!

Tags: amateur babe behind the scenes (bts) big boobs
lots of naked glowsticking and lesbian fun
Brittany , Haley Br
Young hot college chics getting naughty after a night out..Jesse captures it all thankfully as this got quite naughty..lots of licking and sucking a plenty of fresh pussy to see! So many hot girls, plenty of glow sticks and some tight pussy's close up on our cameras! Fingering and sucking it has it all,...

Tags: 18 years old 19 years old amateur behind the scenes (bts)
Limo Ride With Hot Sorority Girls Then Wet Tshirt Contest On Stage Filming
Brittany , Haley Br
What could be better than a limo ride with hot sorority girls? How about a wet tshirt contest on stage, filming the whole thing for girls gone wild? That's what happened at this year's spring break in south padre texas. The girls were looking so hot in their bikinis, and they were all eager to show off...

Spring Break Life Hot Girls Naked In Public
Brittany , Haley

New Lesbians Home Video From Spring Break Neverbeforeseen
Brittany , Rihanna

Spring Break Boat Ride with Brit Kendra and Oklahoma
Brittany , Holly (aka Kendra)
Great video from one of the last days of Spring Break 2008!... Hanging out in the house turned into boating out on our friend's pontoon boat for the day... and these crazy party sluts didn't waste the opportunity to get wild crazy and buck ass naked!

Tags: amateur babe behind the scenes (bts) big boobs

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