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Behind The Scenes From Partycove Past neverbeforeseen Long Lost Footage
Bailey , Codi
from a camera guy fucking a hot girl in the bathroom, to girls licking eachothers assholes, late at night filming with their cell phones, to the hangover videos smoking green in the morning to get back to reality.... this video is a dump of all of the private cell phone video that everyone shot during...

Tags: drunk flashing tits and pussy home video innocent
Baily and Maddie Ozarks Lost Tape Stunning Girls
Bailey , Maddie
This a long lost tape featuring two of my favorite party girls Baily and Maddie . this tape somehow got lost on the way back from the Ozarks and appeared shoved into a little never used pocket on an old camera bag. I forgot all about that crazy night with the girls destroying my buddies room after being...

Tags: pee
Sexy Strap-On Shower back at our Condo neverbeforeseen
Bailey , Codi
Rub-A-Dub-Dub three chick in a tub. OK it's a shower but you get the idea. Actually it is a 14 minute giggle fest. Watch it and you will giggle too!

Tags: 19 yrs old 20 years old amateur behind the scenes (bts)
After Some Girls Leave Party Back at Condo Naked Twister Naked Partying neverbeforeseen
Codi , Holly (aka Kendra)
Holy fucking shit man this part was fucking crazy. These girls just fucked the shit out of each other including me and the camera guys who were filming them. All it took just some beer and horny minds to get these girls to fucking, and the best of all that were all enjoying every bit of it!! !

Tags: amateur belly button pierced big boobs big butt
Random Partycove Awesomeness neverbeforeseen
Bailey , Codi
It's tough on the girls that we take to Party Cove. Yeah, they complain alot (LO). Party and drink all day and half the night. Have one of my girlfriends kiss me; play with my nipples, finger my pussy or better yet have her go down on me. It is heaven for the exhibitionist girls we bring on the trip....

Tags: 20 years old amateur behind the scenes (bts) big butt
Behind the Scenes of a Partycove Trip neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
So after a long party trip with the girls, we all like to get even more drunk and wind down a bit! :-) Here's a NEVERBEFORESEEN tape of us doing just that! These girls are super hot and super drunk and funny in this video... Literally Hilarious!

Tags: behind the scenes (bts) party
Pussy Carrot Eating at Partycove
Holly Twin , Kenzie
Here is another 45 minutes of non-stop mayhem from the Party Cove on the Lake of the Ozarks. My crazy exhibitionist girls are always getting in trouble (wink, wink). This time one of them started putting mini carrots into her pussy and offering them to her deck mates. Well, if you are going to eat...

Tags: 19 yrs old 20 years old amateur anal
Partycove Girls Eating Pussy for the First Time
Bailey , Codi
It's noon in the party cove and the girls are already drunk, giddy and ready for anything. This video is over an hour of non-stop mayhem as the girls eat pussy, put beads in pussy, show coochie, spread their cheeks for butt hole inspection, fondle, kiss and taunt the other girls into infamous acts of...

Tags: amateur anal finger big boobs big nipple
Naked Drinking Games on Partycove Condo Balcony neverbeforeseen
Kenzie , Maddie
Playing drunken naked drinking games is one of my favorite things in the world! Not JUST because I'm so good at flip club, but also because i just love drinking beer and seeing super hot naked girls across the table throwing balls at me! I don't know why the fuck I never posted this video... But it's...

Labor day Partycove Twins neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
This is one of the last remaining, never before seen, updates of the Twins, Molly and Holly.... Pretty awesome how dirty they got with each other out in party cove for this vid!... Totally a fan! Wish they wouldn't have freaked out so bad when all their friends and family saw them naked online, because...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Ride to Horny Toad Bar with the Girls neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Maddie
After spending the whole day partying out on the lake, some of the girls, including the twins, still were down to hit the bars!... So here's Maddie, Holly, and Molly going to the bars and getting naked along the way!

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Partycove: Twins Eating Pussy #neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
Here's another video that I held off on using because the Twins (holly and molly) didn't want this video to get out to all their friends!... WELL... I think you guys have waited long enough! Here is Holly AND Molly licking other girls pussies for the first time, AND having their pussies eaten out for...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Partycove Labor Day Weekend neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
Happy New Years! ... Well we are finally back at work here at the Nebraskacoeds office, after a CRAZY couple of weeks of partying!... Keeping in tradition, I am going to continue the Extra Tuesday Updates, where I post videos from the past, that have never been seen before, for whatever reason!... I...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Labor Day Weekend neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
Crazy Day out on the lake with the Twins! Plus 3 other hotties! ... This is a previously long lost video that was shot out in party cove! I'm glad that I found this neverbeforeseen video!... Totally Hot! Be ready for this Friday's update too! I finally got two of the hotties that I've shot recently...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Random Drunk Dude with Camera pt1 remaster
Holly Twin , Kenzie
There is something to be said, apparently, to giving one of my extra cameras to a random drunk guy on the boat to help film... This update is a PERFECT example of this... At first while editing this footage from Party Cove, I thought that maybe I filmed it... But then you see me in part of the footage......

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Partycove Crazy Lesbian Fun remaster
Holly (aka Kendra) , Maddie
I have been spending the last couple months just importing all of the video tapes that we have shot over the last 8 years into a new video server, so that my new editor can grab from any footage ever shot, and put it online. I have over 1,000 tapes, and I'm about halfway finished... and of all of those...

Tags: 20 years old amateur big boobs big butt
Partycove Me Doing Video remaster
Codi , Holly (aka Kendra)
Here is some footage that I personally shot during our Memorial Day Weekend 2008 trip down to Osage Beach, Missouri, out on the lake in the infamous party cove! This was shot throughout the day on May 25th, and I shot almost this entire tape myself.. Some of the highlights of this tape are when Cora...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Party Cove Memorial Day Weekend Monday Photos
Bailey , Codi
Here are the photos that I added from the Last day of our Memorial Day 2008 trip to Party cove Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!... We shot some of the best footage ever on this day, and it shows in all of the crazy sick photos in the Member's only section of the site!... Including, Naked/Topless bumper...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Party Cove Sunday Memorial day 2008
Bailey , Codi
Here are some sample photos from the over 3,000 photos that I just added into the member's only area from the second full day out in party cove, for Memorial Day Weekend 2008!... So much stuff happened that I really think that you need to go in the member's area and see all the photos to really understand...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Party Cove Memorial Day Small Point-and-shoot video
Bailey , Codi
Ok, I just had to share this video with you guys! It's fucking awesome! It's all the random videos that I shot with my little elph camera, it's over 30 min and it has lots of stuff in it, so be sure to check this out! Oh yeah, by the way, this was from just a couple weeks ago at memorial day weekend...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Party Cove Afterhours
Bailey , Codi
So, as you saw in the last update... We had a STELLAR model line-up for Memorial Day 2008 down at Party Cove, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!... I decided to start the video updates from this trip with the ride back from the bars on Saturday night, and then the other 40 or so minutes of tape is from Sunday...

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Previously Unseen Partycove Home Video remaster
Bailey , Codi
Day one in the party cove. The girls are getting ready. Pussies are being shaved, the girls are getting comfortable being naked on the boat. It is a cloudy day but it doesn't stop the lady mates from being topless on the top deck. Our boat is already becoming a favorite location in the mooring. ...

Tags: 19 yrs old amateur beer bong big boobs
More GGGG Fourway at Partycove remaster
Bailey , Codi

Party Cove Good Stuff Tape neverbeforeseen
Codi , Holly (aka Kendra)
I sometimes misplace epic tapes from these trips!... I actually found this tape lodged in my suit case, while I was doing it a final look through, before selling it on Craigslist!... I'm soooo glad that I found this tape! Epic Epic Epic,... there is just no other way to describe it!

Tags: party cove lake of the ozarks
Some Really Great Partycove Footage with Maddie Pussy Eating remaster
Codi , Holly (aka Kendra)
The party on the Poop Deck and the girls show off top side. Two of the girls end up putting hot dogs in their private parts and then being encouraged to eat them. Careful eating on this ship. You never know who handled the meal.

Tags: amateur anal belly button pierced big boobs
Pussy Eating in Partycove neverbeforeseen
Holly Twin , Kenzie
Lots and lots of girls eating pussy... all these girls said that they have never done anything like this before... All it took was some booze flowing and their tongues and pussies must have just gotten minds of their own! And if you don't believe that we are the number 1 party boat look at the crowd...

Tags: 19 yrs old 20 years old amateur big boobs

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