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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 17 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!
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Euro Trip 19 Year Old Shy Patricia First Video Ever
Patricia 09/03/2015
Here's the 3rd girl that we've shot here in Riga Latvia in Europe for our Euro-Trip summer series! 19 year old Patricia! She has NEVER done any kind of video like this before! Not even photos with her boyfriend! So this is a very great treat for us! She was SO nervous during this video, that you can see her fingers shaking in fear! (not sure why, but this part really turns me on) ... At first she said she wouldn't use her fingers or toys or anything... but then my translator helped talk her into touching herself for this video! Do you guys like these European girls? Let me know by emailing me! I really appreciate all feedback! :D I also really enjoyed filming this super hot video!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, auditions, brunette
Blonde Aaliyah Back Using Her Own Favorite Dildo from Home then Fooling Around Naked Bible Reading
Aaliyah 09/01/2015
Aaliyah Back , she couldn't get enough ad wanted to show me her favorite personal purple rabbit she brought from home, it looks like she spent alot of money on that thing but it also looks like she is getting her moneys worth out of it using it on a daily basis. She also decided to leave the Baymont maids a present by shoving the hotel tv remote up her juicy pussy just for the hell of it, this girl is a freak and if you're ever in the quad city's go check out the strip clubs because she once in awhile will work at a couple of them for a little extra cash n she also enjoys the attention and knowing guys are getting hard looking at her naked body. a friend of mine introduced her to me a few weeks ago and by the looks of things i need to hang out with rick more often if these are the kinds of chicks he is hanging out with !

Tags: big nipples, big tits, blonde, clit piercing
Abate Of Iowa 2015 Saturday Contest On New Stage Big Twins Competition
Big Twins!! Aka Big and Beautiful Fucking Titties! These girls all have huge tits in this contest... This is my personal favorite contest from all of the Biker Rallies this year! I don't like how they kept doing this contest on this smaller stage this year... I hope they go back to doing it on the bigger stage, like all of the other years... But no matter, these hot ass girls still strip naked showing their pussies, tits and tight butt holes to the crowd of onlookers! I just want to motorboat every single tittie in this contest!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, BBW, big nipples
Olivia First Time Big Pink Dildo Pussy Penetration on Video Including Pee Break
Olivia 08/25/2015
Olivia brought some booze with her to this shoot, because she was a little nervous to use a dildo on camera. She made the comment that it would be less embarrassing to get fucked on camera, rather than to masturbate! Well after drinking some bottles, she finally stretched out her pussy hole with a big pink dildo that I gave her! THEN shit got crazy! She decided that she was down for another dildo in her ass hole, but only if it was smaller... This video is fucking hot! After stretching out both of her tight homes with these plastic toys, she needed to go piss out some of the booze she drank (which I got close ups of, for all the guys that love the pee)... Then after returning to the bed, she or I, or both of us came up with the idea to put the glass bottle she was drinking out of into her pussy and asshole! Fuck God Damn this is a hot video! Enjoy!

Tags: bedroom , blonde, hotel, masturbate
Fresh Viola Interview Fingering And 4 Finger Attempt In My Apartment
Viola 08/20/2015
Here's the second video that I have shot here in Europe on my Summer Euro Trip Vacation!... Fresh Faced Viola... Young and sporty! This girl wasn't so shy, and she has done 3 shoots in the past with another guy... but this is the first time she has ever done any work with an American! :D Shot this in our living room, did my typical interview style at the beginning, but I'm trying to talk much less than I have in the past... She masturbates with her fingers in this video, and she even tries to force in 4 fingers! You have to watch the full, unedited video in the members section to see what happens!
Hope you're enjoying this EuroTrip series that I'm filming here ... I have one month left here in Riga Latvia, and then I'm moving to Amsterdam for 3 more months ... I'll continue to mix in these girls I find here in europe, with the girls that the guys back in Iowa and Nebraska are shooting to keep things interesting.... And I am also shooting even more girls than I am posting on here, because it seems that I will begin a new EuroCoeds website! Will need some more feedback about if you guys like these European hotties ... Anyway, show your support and become a member today! (if you aren't already)

Tags: amateur, casting couch, close-ups, euro
Black Leather Boots on Blonde Mandi Candi for Her Newest Masturbation Video
Mandy Candy 08/18/2015
"These boots were made for walkin" that song was definitely some inspiration for this video... Mandy Candy called me up, she was in cedar rapids last week for a college house party, and needed some extra cash for her party weekend... I told her to meet me at a hotel ... I love this girl... Plain and Simple... I hope you guys feel the same... I think this is something like the 9th (or so) video that I've shot with Mandy over the past 3 (?) years... I love how she is getting more and more mature, as well as hotter and hotter every time we hang out... This video is very fucking "Jerk-Off-Able" ... She shoves that dildo deep in her partially hairy pussy... lots of gapes and hot fucking parts to this video... Enjoy...

Tags: bedroom , blonde, boots, dildo
Blondie Aaliyah Double Dildo First Time Anal DP Stretch and Peeing
Aaliyah 08/14/2015
Aaliyah had never had anything in both her asshole and pussy hole at the same time... SO I challenged her to try :D You can see the pleasure on her face as soon as the plastic toys penetrate her tight ass holes! She got so excited, she even tried to force in two dildos into her pussy, while a 3rd toy was stretching out her pink asshole! Got some great gaping pussy shots in this as well as a really hot pee scene (for all you pee lovers)... Solid work from Aaliyah, I think I'm going to text this girl right now and see if she is down to make another video someday soon!

Tags: anal, anal masturbation , blonde, clit piercing
Miranda on My Bed with 2 Dildos Masturbating During Spring Break SB2k15
Miranda 08/11/2015
The last minutes of spring break this past year, had all of us in a very tired state... none of the girls, and definitely none of us guys wanted to do any work... BUT, I was pretty much insisting that we shoot at least one more video before hitting the road home... Hot Ass Miranda agreed to do one final video! Here's the video... shot in 4k, and showing her body taking on a couple toys... pretty entertaining video actually :D

Tags: bedroom , blonde, close-ups, dark pussy lips
Euro Trip To Latvia First Model 22 Year Old Mira
Mira 08/07/2015
So I have officially now expanded my horizons to other countries! I came here to Latvia 3 years ago, for 3 months, to try and shoot some of the local girls, but totally failed... Now I'm back here in Europe for 6 months to really try and shoot some girls. It's taken me some time to find some girls willing to shoot, but it seems that I have found a great group of girls now! Here is beautiful 22 year old Mira! She's local here in Riga, and has done some photos before, but has NEVER worked with an American guy before! This is just the first shoot of her, I'm thinking to start a new site called "EuroCoeds.com" soon... if you guys like this, and the next few videos that I post from here in Europe.

So spending a total of 9 months here in Europe this year... Started out with 3 months in Croatia, couldn't find any girls willing to shoot, but met alot of new people that will probably be able to help me the next time I go there... Now 3 months here in Riga Latvia... and then I will spend 3 months Living and Filming in Amsterdam, before returning back to Nebraska.

This is a bit of an experiment, so please give me some feedback to my email necoeds@gmail.com I would love to hear your thoughts! And don't worry, while I'm here in Europe, I have 2 friends continuing to video local Iowa and Nebraska girls to mix in with these European Updates that I'm filming.

Tags: auditions, brunette, casting couch, fingering
Abate Of Iowa 2015 Saturday Contest On The New Stage Sporty Girls
As you can see they moved the Cool-Down contest over to a portable makeshift stage on Saturday. reason why the main headliner band set-up was taking way too long on the normal stage so the improvised, everyone was pissed saying who cares bout Montgomery Gentrys stage props, he will sound the same no mater what and the skin was alot more important anyways, so hopefully they don't do this dumb shit again in future years. anyways at least they didn't cancel the titty contest like they were talking about,, i think the place would have rioted if they did. They gotta remember spending all that cash on a high dollar headline band is a waste of money. people will show up no matter who is playing, and simply TITTYS N BEER, THAT'S WHY WERE HERE !!!

Tags: BBW, big tits, biker chicks, biker rally
Tanned Young Teen Phoenix Uses a Dildo on Camera for the First Time in Her Life
Phoenix 07/31/2015
Red headed phoenix is back using a purple waterproof toy for me, such a nice contrast with her skin-tone and pretty pink tight pussy. This girl handles the vibe like a pro, in and out, in and out up and down and all around,she really knows how to handle the jammy stick.

Tags: close-ups, dildo, masturbate, orgasm
Amateur Wet Tshirt Contest At Nudes A Poppin 2015 Last Weekend
Another amazing "Nudes a Poppin" festival weekend came to a close last weekend! It was another great year down in the sunny ponderosa sun club in Roselawn Indiana! We roasted our socks off from the heavy heat... but there were still plenty of girls in both the main Nudes a poppin show (which is now featured on our sister site NudesAPoppin.com as well as one of their BEST AMATEUR WET TSHIRT CONTESTS OF ALL TIME!! This video is really really great! I will add more photos and probably another video camera angle to this video soon! But in the meantime, enjoy this GREAT first look at this years Amateur Contest! FUCKING HOT GIRLS!

Tags: BBW, big nipples, big tits, chubby
Abate Of Iowa 2015 Thursday Finalist Hot Chick Stripping Contest At The Freedom Rally
our girl beth is back in the opening contest for the event. its the Abate Of Iowa 2015 Thursday cooldown contest (big twins division) not a lot of girls in the first contest of the year but Beth and Magic are both back to perform for the crowd of horny bikers,, i stood at the front of the stage for over 3 hours in the hot humid sun this day just to make sure i had a good front row angle to shoot from... as you already guessed my girl took home some money again from this contest, and she did the contest all 3 days again this year,,, gotta love a girl that dedicate to getting naked in public for all of us to see and enjoy.

Tags: BBW, big tits, biker rally, chubby
Beth Getting Naked In Her Parents Motor Home
Beth 07/21/2015
my favorite girl from the iowa ABATE wet-t-shirt contest back and we are filming this update in the brand new right off the lot toy hauler they just bought, its basically half bedroom/bathroom/ and half garage with a kitchen for pulling atv's and motorcycles ect. anyways we christened this $68000 pull-behind with beth getting down and dirty on the brand new bed, nobody has ever even slept on it before and i got her getting freaky playing with her pussy breaking it in the right way! hope you all enjoy watching beth and her perfect tits as she prepares to go to the biker rally on the 4th of july weekend.

Tags: amateur, bedroom , big butt, big nipples
Young and Blonde Aaliyah Using Purple Vibe and 8 Finger Pussy Stretch
Aaliyah 07/17/2015
hey guy's Aaliyah is back Using a Purple to penetrate every inch of her pretty pink pussy this girls loves playing with herself and knowing that there are tons of people watching and will see this video, she even fits eight fingers inside her as she pulls herself open as far as she can next time i see her i'm gonna try to talk her into fisting herself, she says she can't do it but i'm guessing with the right amount of lube is a definite possibility, watch as she goes non-stop with her toy,, i'm betting she gets carpal-tunnel down the road as much as she loves the toy play.

Tags: blonde, clit piercing , clit rubbing, dildo
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