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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 17 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!
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neverbeforeseen Private Spring Break 2009 Photos From Jims Personal Camera
This update is photos only. I took a bunch of girls with me to South Padre Island for spring break. I rented a house and a limo van to get us all around to the hot spots. My girls competed in booty shakin' contests; wet T-Shirt contests; bull riding contests anything contest a club was offering my girls took advantage of it. Limo rides started out in sexy clothing and ended up with the girls naked and playing with each other. I shot all the full nude shots in the house we rented for the week. Girls naked on the bar, taking showers. Basically it was a week long nude party.

Tags: 18 years old, 19 yrs old , 20 years old, amateur
Dantes Pool Party At Fantasy Fest 2015 Key West Florida
Get ready for the best pool party at Fantasy Fest. You get a back stage pass pov style with our camera guys at the 2015 festival pool party and naked contest. Their is something for everyone in this contest you get BBWs, matures, MILFs, young coed sluts, skinny, big tits, tanned bodies, blondes, brunettes. All these freaky women get naked on stage over the pool with plenty of nude women in the crowd and pool just to party.

Tags: amateur, athletic , BBW, beach
Allie In Shower Banging Herself
Allie Tats 12/29/2015
Allie is a nasty little tart and she has no hangups about doing anything. I told her to clean up her act and she decided that a shower was the best way to do it. She took a big ass dildo into the shower for some "deep cleaning"!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, big dildo, black hair
A Night In Amsterdam With Latvian Euro Coed Linda
Linda 12/25/2015
I'm just a normal Nebraskan Guy, that just happens to be living on the Red Light District of Amsterdam for 3 months! Bought a plane ticket for super hot Latvian girl Linda, and had her stay with me for a few days... We got into all kinds of naked sexy trouble while she was there! In this video, I was shooting short videos while going around amsterdam, showing her some things, and then going to a coffee shop to roll a marijuana joint... then we ended up back upstairs in my apartment banging herself out with a nice and big green dildo! Enjoy! (more videos of Linda can be found for free for members on nebraskacoed's sister site, Eurocoeds.com )

Tags: behind the scenes (bts), brunette, close-ups, dildo
Jenna Showering Off After A Dirty Masturbation Scene Bts
Jenna 12/22/2015
Here's a nice behind the scenes video of Jenna cleaning herself up after her dirty masturbation scene that I posted a few weeks ago... I love this girl! She's so much fun to hang out with! Her spunky yet fun Irish family heritage really comes out... We are working on planning spring break 2016 right now, we are going to south padre island texas for sure, so lets keep our fingers crossed that sexy Jenna will be down to go down there with us to party naked!

Tags: bath (shower), behind the scenes (bts), black hair, brunette
21 Year Old Shay Won Amateur Strip Night And Doing Her First Video Then Licking Pussy
Rose, Shay 12/18/2015
Hot little Shay won the Amateur Strip Contest at Woody's Show Club in Cedar Rapids Iowa last month... I had a hotel next to the club, and asked her to come over and do another video with me (her and rose shot with me a few weeks back)... She did the video, while her friend Rose was watching from behind me (and also helping to direct)... The video was turning out kind of lame and boring, so Rose took it upon herself to jump in the video for free and shoot with Shay again! Totally unplanned, just real lesbian life :D FUCKING HOT...

Tags: behind the scenes (bts), big tits, blonde, brunette
Talked This Girl Chloe Into Coming Home With Me After The Bars And Masturbating
Chloe 12/15/2015
Random night out partying in Ybor City (the old town of Tampa Florida)... Or at least that's what this looks like! ... I was out of town for Thanksgiving, and asked my friend living with me not to use my bedroom... Then after I came back, one of my roommates asked me to work on this project with him, I put the memory card in my computer, and found these photos that he took of this girl Chloe in my fucking bedroom, while I was out of fucking town... wtf... of course I'm going to just post this shit on my site, this girl is HOT...

Tags: behind the scenes (bts), brunette, close-ups, dancing
Sweet 19 Year Old Sarah Using Dildos Dp Anal Beads
Sarah Blonde 12/11/2015
Sweet and Young 19 year old Sarah called me up and said she wanted to shoot another video... I told her that my members would love if she shot again, but she would need to get a little more dirty for this next video... Here's the result of this convincing! Sarah's VERY FIRST ANAL PENETRATION! ... From the looks of it, she might have more experience with anal sex than she had previously mentioned... OR maybe she really likes to watch anal porn online or something, because she covered her ass hole with her spit, and had the beads inside in no time flat! I love the honesty in her face throughout this entire video... she really was in a little bit of pain when she was double penetrating herself... FUCKING AWESOME... AND I also love the guilt on her face at the end! ANAL DP FUN!

Tags: anal, BBW, blonde, dildo
Fresh Redhead Angel Using Huge Dildo Titjob Boobie Fuck Blowjob With Deep Penetration
Angel 12/08/2015

Shay And Rose Aka Lesbo Crazies In Moline Illinois
Rose, Shay 12/04/2015
Shay and Rose are two of the wildest women we've shot.... actually, I think that these lesbo crazies are legitimately the wildest girls I've ever shot! Met them some months back at an amateur strip contest in the quad cities, and finally they needed some help coming up with rent money, so my buddy rich went and picked them up so that we could do this video in a dodgy hotel! I really love working with dirty fucking girls like this! (dirty in a sexual hot way of course!)

Tags: blonde, brunette, dildo, drunk
neverbeforeseen Bikini Booty Shake Contest at Spring Break South Padre
Nothing like a few sexy contest to build a crowd at Spring Break. This video has booty shakin' and a coed running race that includes chugging beers, and running around bar stools. What could possibly go wrong? Once the girls get away from the crowd of horny guys they start flashing for my camera. Nothing like good clean spring break fun.

Tags: big butt, big tits, blonde, booty
First Wild Contest From Fantasy Fest 2015 Key West Florida
If you've been following the "Blog" section of the site, you've seen sample photos from the friends of mine that I send down to Key West for a week of filming the 2015 Fantasy Fest Festival there last month! Here's the first contest that they filmed... super hot chicks getting totally naked in public, on the bar, in front of a crowd of people, just for the chance to win some cash... Some STELLAR fucking bodies in this one! Enjoy!

Tags: contest, dancing, drunk, fake tits
Allie Back To Do Another Shoot After Her Boyfriend Broke Up
Allie Tats 11/24/2015
Allie broke up with her boyfriend this week... I am friends with her on facebook and saw some nasty posts... SO, I invited her to do another nude shoot... with a dildo... I tried and tried and tried to get her to use the dildo in her ass, but she said that her ass is still sore from last month when she did an anal attempt video with me! WTF... I'm not giving up on this girl, I think the next time she comes over for a shoot, I will make sure she does some anal and DP :P ... ok but this video is actually really hot also!

Tags: black hair, close-ups, creamy pussy, dildo
Euro Trip Melisa Shower Masturbation And Orgasm
Melisa 11/20/2015
After doing her super sexy dance stripping and masturbating (update posted a few weeks ago) Hot skinny Melisa needed to shower off to get all clean.... But, as it turned out, she got even more dirty in the shower! Using the same big purple vibe in her tiny snatch! Remember, this series of super hot European girls has been turned into a whole new site of mine! EuroCoeds.com :D But anyway, Enjoy this Euro hot cutie...

Tags: bath (shower), behind the scenes (bts), brunette, close-ups
Aaliyah Bathtub Masturbation and Behind the Scenes in an Iowa Hotel Room
Aaliyah 11/17/2015
Aaliyah is for another video masturbating in the hotel room Bathtub. we found out that her little purple vibrator is waterproof as it lasted being submerged in the water and into her tight pussy over an over again for about 20 minutes, while the front desk guy that is obsessed with her tried to barging into the room and used a pass key without knocking thinking she was alone, good thing we had the chain on the door to stop him,,, FUCKIN CREEPER !!! Aaliyah also pee's on camera at the end of this video...... note to self, "always lock as many locks on your doors as possible to keep the stalkers out.

Tags: bath (shower), behind the scenes (bts), blonde, camera guy involved
New Model First Time Video Sarah Is Only 19 And From Wisconsin
Sarah Blonde 11/13/2015
I first met Sarah about 5 months ago at a female amateur contest she did with her friend and asked them both to shoot something with me and they both acted like they were down for it and then I guess got scared off n then outta the blue she messaged me telling me she thought long and hard about it and wanted to do something risky and shoot a nude video, she really liked the attention she got when she did the contest nude in front of a room fulla guys staring at her, so she decided that she wanted a lot more guys to see her naked getting freaky. She told me she loved the thrill of being naughty and knowing that tons of guy will be getting turned on by her great natural tittys being all over the internet.

Tags: BBW, big tits, blonde, close-ups
Eurotrip Viola Drinking Champagne Dancing To Rap Music And Using Her New Rabbit Dildo
Viola 11/10/2015
Super fit Viola came back over for some party fun at our apartment here in Riga Latvia! ... Played some awesome rap music, and gave her a bottle of champagne and she had some great moves! We decided to try this again since the Mira dancing video was so popular on the site a few weeks ago. I managed to shoot some really close up and clear video of her using a nice purple dildo in and out of her tight ass pussy! I think there is only 1 more European Trip update to the site, since now I have my newest site EuroCoeds all up and running to show you these hot Euro girls! I'll be flying back home really soon to shoot a TON of new Iowa/Nebraska girls soon! In the meantime, enjoy this hot video! (God Damned do I LOVE a hot girl dancing to some rap music!)

Tags: blonde, close-ups, dancing, dildo
Euro Trip Teen Patricia Bedroom Striptease And First Time Dildo Penetration
Patricia 11/06/2015
19 year old Patricia came back to do another video with us over here at my downtown Riga Latvia apartment... (I'm still here in Europe filming)... She's very quiet, but after some more hanging out again, she started to loosen up a bit... Started with some more drinking and bouncing around jumping on my bed, while stripping down to her skivvies. Kind of started out this video more as a posed photo shoot that I was also videoing ... Got her to do some dancing too while on the bed and stripping... THEN, FINALLY, I talked her into actually penetrating herself with a dildo on camera! She said she felt super awkward with the plastic thing inside her, but from the looks of the video, it seems like she is liking it! This is one of the final european girl videos that I will be posting on Nebraska Coeds... Since as of last week I've officially launched my new european site called EuroCoeds.com... if you haven't had a chance to check out my work over at the new site, you should take a moment and do so! Remember: your login to any of my sites work on all of my sites for FREE!

Tags: brunette, close-ups, dancing, dildo
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Shopping In Cedar Rapids Iowa Flashing Boobs And Teen Pussy In Public Nudity
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19yo Ieva Teen Braces Nipple Clit Suction And Glass Dildo Deep Penetration Giggly Girl
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Throwback To Spring Break 2008 Directors Cut Bts Neverbeforeseen Footage 1of3
Brittany, Rihanna
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