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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 17 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!
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Bikini Blonde Mandi Candi Deep Anal Dildo Penetration in the Shower
Mandy Candy 09/29/2015
quick description of this update. this basically is Mandi Candi in the shower cleaning up and getting down and dirty anal style in the shower after finishing up a earlier photo-shoot so we can go out recruiting new models and get a bite to eat, seeing as i had a camera with some free space on it i followed her into the shower figuring i'd catch a couple minutes of bonus footage while she got ready to hit the mall and ended up getting a great update out of it.

Tags: anal, anal masturbation , athletic , bath (shower)
Aaliyah Kinky Gyno Speculum Stretch with Close-ups of Her Insides plus Bizarre Object Insertions
Aaliyah 09/25/2015
Aaliyah is back to her old tricks again masturbating with everything she can find in my duffle bag of toys. she found a speculum i forgot was in there and decided she do her own at home gyno exam in the hotel room, and she also found some scented markers and figured out it was arts and crafts time, Aaliyah rammed that marker inside her pussy and drew a self portrait off herself while straddling the small table in the room,,, so i guess now we can call her a pussy picasso!

Tags: bedroom , big nipples, big tits, blonde
Big Twins Biker Girl Strip Down Contest At The 2015 Abate Of Iowa Freedom Rally
This is the big twins part of the 2015 ABATE OF IOWA cooldown contest form thursday. they have the contest at 3pm each afternoon during the rally on the main stage up by the beer barn, this is the big twins 1/2 of the contest as they split the girls into the larger chested girls like these and the smaller chested ones aka sportsters by voting with a show of fingers for each girl before the contest starts. the top three girls in both parts get a share of the prize money that is collected from the crowd each day by handing out beer boxed and whatever gets contributed is the prize for the day... any girls looking to earn some extra cash at the event next year make sure to get to the the stage around 3pm and sign up,,, see you there in 2016

Tags: biker chicks, biker rally, bikini, black hair
Jenna Back After A 3 Year Relationship Breakup Double Pussy And Ass Masturbation
Jenna 09/18/2015
After three years Jenna is back with a new shoot, I had forgotten that she has shot before because i was absent from that particular shoot when jim shot her at his old apartment on the ped-mall in iowa city. Jenna decided to come back with a bang and make her new shoot memorable but fitting 1 larger vibe, and a second smaller one inside her pussy as well as a set of golden anal beads all at once, she also brought her own personal anal vibrator from home for she shoot. id say this girl loves anal from the way the shoot went. Anyways check her out and go back through the archives to see her old shoots from over three years ago as well

Tags: anal, anal masturbation , brunette, double penetration (dp)
neverbeforeseen Spring Break Afternoon Party
Haley, Jenny (aka Oklahoma) 09/15/2015
This is a forgotten tape from spring break south padre island Texas 2007 somehow this tape got stashed in the wrong bag and so was never uploaded along with the other footage from there. this update has some of your favorite Iowa girls cutting loose at the MTV daytime beach party at the Bahia Mar hotel.watch Kayla, Jasmine, Oklahoma, Holly, Haley, Leah , and Stephanie cut loose with a ton of other drunken college girls at the event, its a wonder we didnt get kicked out, these girls were a handful during the day and this is some of the happening from the day.

Tags: big nipples, big tits, daytime, dick holding
Euro Trip Melisa Naked On My Balcony Blowing Bubbles And Masturbating
Melisa 09/11/2015
So I am still here in Europe filming these hot girls… while my friends still film girls back in Nebraska and Iowa… Here is the very beautiful Melisa! She was perfect to work with! This was her first ever video shoot, and she was actually nervous at the beginning… this was also the first time that she has ever been filming naked outside! I set her up on my balcony in downtown Riga, blowing bubbles and then using a rabbit dildo (that I gifted to her) … This is an EXTREMELY “Jerk-off-able” video… hope you guys enjoy! Also, I’m moving to Amsterdam in 2 weeks… will be there for 3 months trying to find more european girls to film for you guys!

Tags: balcony, bubbles, dildo, dirty blonde
Beth Stripping Naked On Motorcycles With Her Bad Ass Big Titties
Beth 09/08/2015
Beth loves motorcycles, dirt bikes, Harleys, crotch rockets ,cruisers basically anything with a motor, i mean she really loves bikes,they get her all kinds of horny so she had to show me her new toy in the back of her boyfriend's new toy hauler. they were in the middle of packing for the ABATE RALLY so i had to see what that pretty pussy looked like spread eagle on top of her new toy. it was kinda hard to shoot in there but i think i managed to get a pretty decent angle. nothing makes a bike look better than a pair of perfect titty's resting on the handle bars.

Tags: big nipples, big tits, biker chicks, brunette
Euro Trip 19 Year Old Shy Patricia First Video Ever
Patricia 09/03/2015
Here's the 3rd girl that we've shot here in Riga Latvia in Europe for our Euro-Trip summer series! 19 year old Patricia! She has NEVER done any kind of video like this before! Not even photos with her boyfriend! So this is a very great treat for us! She was SO nervous during this video, that you can see her fingers shaking in fear! (not sure why, but this part really turns me on) ... At first she said she wouldn't use her fingers or toys or anything... but then my translator helped talk her into touching herself for this video! Do you guys like these European girls? Let me know by emailing me! I really appreciate all feedback! :D I also really enjoyed filming this super hot video!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, auditions, brunette
Blonde Aaliyah Back Using Her Own Favorite Dildo from Home then Fooling Around Naked Bible Reading
Aaliyah 09/01/2015
Aaliyah Back , she couldn't get enough ad wanted to show me her favorite personal purple rabbit she brought from home, it looks like she spent alot of money on that thing but it also looks like she is getting her moneys worth out of it using it on a daily basis. She also decided to leave the Baymont maids a present by shoving the hotel tv remote up her juicy pussy just for the hell of it, this girl is a freak and if you're ever in the quad city's go check out the strip clubs because she once in awhile will work at a couple of them for a little extra cash n she also enjoys the attention and knowing guys are getting hard looking at her naked body. a friend of mine introduced her to me a few weeks ago and by the looks of things i need to hang out with rick more often if these are the kinds of chicks he is hanging out with !

Tags: big nipples, big tits, blonde, clit piercing
Abate Of Iowa 2015 Saturday Contest On New Stage Big Twins Competition
Big Twins!! Aka Big and Beautiful Fucking Titties! These girls all have huge tits in this contest... This is my personal favorite contest from all of the Biker Rallies this year! I don't like how they kept doing this contest on this smaller stage this year... I hope they go back to doing it on the bigger stage, like all of the other years... But no matter, these hot ass girls still strip naked showing their pussies, tits and tight butt holes to the crowd of onlookers! I just want to motorboat every single tittie in this contest!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, BBW, big nipples
Olivia First Time Big Pink Dildo Pussy Penetration on Video Including Pee Break
Olivia 08/25/2015
Olivia brought some booze with her to this shoot, because she was a little nervous to use a dildo on camera. She made the comment that it would be less embarrassing to get fucked on camera, rather than to masturbate! Well after drinking some bottles, she finally stretched out her pussy hole with a big pink dildo that I gave her! THEN shit got crazy! She decided that she was down for another dildo in her ass hole, but only if it was smaller... This video is fucking hot! After stretching out both of her tight homes with these plastic toys, she needed to go piss out some of the booze she drank (which I got close ups of, for all the guys that love the pee)... Then after returning to the bed, she or I, or both of us came up with the idea to put the glass bottle she was drinking out of into her pussy and asshole! Fuck God Damn this is a hot video! Enjoy!

Tags: bedroom , blonde, hotel, masturbate
Fresh Viola Interview Fingering And 4 Finger Attempt In My Apartment
Viola 08/20/2015
Here's the second video that I have shot here in Europe on my Summer Euro Trip Vacation!... Fresh Faced Viola... Young and sporty! This girl wasn't so shy, and she has done 3 shoots in the past with another guy... but this is the first time she has ever done any work with an American! :D Shot this in our living room, did my typical interview style at the beginning, but I'm trying to talk much less than I have in the past... She masturbates with her fingers in this video, and she even tries to force in 4 fingers! You have to watch the full, unedited video in the members section to see what happens!
Hope you're enjoying this EuroTrip series that I'm filming here ... I have one month left here in Riga Latvia, and then I'm moving to Amsterdam for 3 more months ... I'll continue to mix in these girls I find here in europe, with the girls that the guys back in Iowa and Nebraska are shooting to keep things interesting.... And I am also shooting even more girls than I am posting on here, because it seems that I will begin a new EuroCoeds website! Will need some more feedback about if you guys like these European hotties ... Anyway, show your support and become a member today! (if you aren't already)

Tags: amateur, casting couch, close-ups, euro
Black Leather Boots on Blonde Mandi Candi for Her Newest Masturbation Video
Mandy Candy 08/18/2015
"These boots were made for walkin" that song was definitely some inspiration for this video... Mandy Candy called me up, she was in cedar rapids last week for a college house party, and needed some extra cash for her party weekend... I told her to meet me at a hotel ... I love this girl... Plain and Simple... I hope you guys feel the same... I think this is something like the 9th (or so) video that I've shot with Mandy over the past 3 (?) years... I love how she is getting more and more mature, as well as hotter and hotter every time we hang out... This video is very fucking "Jerk-Off-Able" ... She shoves that dildo deep in her partially hairy pussy... lots of gapes and hot fucking parts to this video... Enjoy...

Tags: bedroom , blonde, boots, dildo
Blondie Aaliyah Double Dildo First Time Anal DP Stretch and Peeing
Aaliyah 08/14/2015
Aaliyah had never had anything in both her asshole and pussy hole at the same time... SO I challenged her to try :D You can see the pleasure on her face as soon as the plastic toys penetrate her tight ass holes! She got so excited, she even tried to force in two dildos into her pussy, while a 3rd toy was stretching out her pink asshole! Got some great gaping pussy shots in this as well as a really hot pee scene (for all you pee lovers)... Solid work from Aaliyah, I think I'm going to text this girl right now and see if she is down to make another video someday soon!

Tags: anal, anal masturbation , blonde, clit piercing
Miranda on My Bed with 2 Dildos Masturbating During Spring Break SB2k15
Miranda 08/11/2015
The last minutes of spring break this past year, had all of us in a very tired state... none of the girls, and definitely none of us guys wanted to do any work... BUT, I was pretty much insisting that we shoot at least one more video before hitting the road home... Hot Ass Miranda agreed to do one final video! Here's the video... shot in 4k, and showing her body taking on a couple toys... pretty entertaining video actually :D

Tags: bedroom , blonde, close-ups, dark pussy lips
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