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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 17 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!
Latest Site Updates
neverbeforeseen Bikini Booty Shake Contest at Spring Break South Padre
Nothing like a few sexy contest to build a crowd at Spring Break. This video has booty shakin' and a coed running race that includes chugging beers, and running around bar stools. What could possibly go wrong? Once the girls get away from the crowd of horny guys they start flashing for my camera. Nothing like good clean spring break fun.

Tags: big butt, big tits, blonde, booty
First Wild Contest From Fantasy Fest 2015 Key West Florida
If you've been following the "Blog" section of the site, you've seen sample photos from the friends of mine that I send down to Key West for a week of filming the 2015 Fantasy Fest Festival there last month! Here's the first contest that they filmed... super hot chicks getting totally naked in public, on the bar, in front of a crowd of people, just for the chance to win some cash... Some STELLAR fucking bodies in this one! Enjoy!

Tags: contest, dancing, drunk, fake tits
Allie Back To Do Another Shoot After Her Boyfriend Broke Up
Allie Tats 11/24/2015
Allie broke up with her boyfriend this week... I am friends with her on facebook and saw some nasty posts... SO, I invited her to do another nude shoot... with a dildo... I tried and tried and tried to get her to use the dildo in her ass, but she said that her ass is still sore from last month when she did an anal attempt video with me! WTF... I'm not giving up on this girl, I think the next time she comes over for a shoot, I will make sure she does some anal and DP :P ... ok but this video is actually really hot also!

Tags: black hair, close-ups, creamy pussy, dildo
Euro Trip Melisa Shower Masturbation And Orgasm
Melisa 11/20/2015
After doing her super sexy dance stripping and masturbating (update posted a few weeks ago) Hot skinny Melisa needed to shower off to get all clean.... But, as it turned out, she got even more dirty in the shower! Using the same big purple vibe in her tiny snatch! Remember, this series of super hot European girls has been turned into a whole new site of mine! EuroCoeds.com :D But anyway, Enjoy this Euro hot cutie...

Tags: bath (shower), behind the scenes (bts), brunette, close-ups
Aaliyah Bathtub Masturbation and Behind the Scenes in an Iowa Hotel Room
Aaliyah 11/17/2015
Aaliyah is for another video masturbating in the hotel room Bathtub. we found out that her little purple vibrator is waterproof as it lasted being submerged in the water and into her tight pussy over an over again for about 20 minutes, while the front desk guy that is obsessed with her tried to barging into the room and used a pass key without knocking thinking she was alone, good thing we had the chain on the door to stop him,,, FUCKIN CREEPER !!! Aaliyah also pee's on camera at the end of this video...... note to self, "always lock as many locks on your doors as possible to keep the stalkers out.

Tags: bath (shower), behind the scenes (bts), blonde, camera guy involved
New Model First Time Video Sarah Is Only 19 And From Wisconsin
Sarah Blonde 11/13/2015
I first met Sarah about 5 months ago at a female amateur contest she did with her friend and asked them both to shoot something with me and they both acted like they were down for it and then I guess got scared off n then outta the blue she messaged me telling me she thought long and hard about it and wanted to do something risky and shoot a nude video, she really liked the attention she got when she did the contest nude in front of a room fulla guys staring at her, so she decided that she wanted a lot more guys to see her naked getting freaky. She told me she loved the thrill of being naughty and knowing that tons of guy will be getting turned on by her great natural tittys being all over the internet.

Tags: BBW, big tits, blonde, close-ups
Eurotrip Viola Drinking Champagne Dancing To Rap Music And Using Her New Rabbit Dildo
Viola 11/10/2015
Super fit Viola came back over for some party fun at our apartment here in Riga Latvia! ... Played some awesome rap music, and gave her a bottle of champagne and she had some great moves! We decided to try this again since the Mira dancing video was so popular on the site a few weeks ago. I managed to shoot some really close up and clear video of her using a nice purple dildo in and out of her tight ass pussy! I think there is only 1 more European Trip update to the site, since now I have my newest site EuroCoeds all up and running to show you these hot Euro girls! I'll be flying back home really soon to shoot a TON of new Iowa/Nebraska girls soon! In the meantime, enjoy this hot video! (God Damned do I LOVE a hot girl dancing to some rap music!)

Tags: blonde, close-ups, dancing, dildo
Euro Trip Teen Patricia Bedroom Striptease And First Time Dildo Penetration
Patricia 11/06/2015
19 year old Patricia came back to do another video with us over here at my downtown Riga Latvia apartment... (I'm still here in Europe filming)... She's very quiet, but after some more hanging out again, she started to loosen up a bit... Started with some more drinking and bouncing around jumping on my bed, while stripping down to her skivvies. Kind of started out this video more as a posed photo shoot that I was also videoing ... Got her to do some dancing too while on the bed and stripping... THEN, FINALLY, I talked her into actually penetrating herself with a dildo on camera! She said she felt super awkward with the plastic thing inside her, but from the looks of the video, it seems like she is liking it! This is one of the final european girl videos that I will be posting on Nebraska Coeds... Since as of last week I've officially launched my new european site called EuroCoeds.com... if you haven't had a chance to check out my work over at the new site, you should take a moment and do so! Remember: your login to any of my sites work on all of my sites for FREE!

Tags: brunette, close-ups, dancing, dildo
Eurocoeds Launch Mira And Patricia First Time Girl Girl Bubbles On My Balcony
Mira, Patricia 10/30/2015
Today marks a GREAT milestone for my work! Today is the 15th year anniversary from when I started selling videos on Ebay, which ended up turning into this website. So, on this great day, I am officially launching my new site EuroCoeds.com! As I've said before, I spend about half of my time in Europe traveling, and so finally, after 3 years of traveling Europe, I've met enough people to make it possible to film girls there!... This update is of two of my favorite Euro girls... Patricia and Mira, neither girl had ever been with another girl before... This is the FIRST PART ONLY of this video! The second (and more juicy) video is now posted on the New Eurocoeds Site! Oh! and by the way! You get free access to all of my sites, INCLUDING my brand new Eurocoeds site as part of your membership to Nebraskacoeds! So Join Today and Enjoy the FULL LENGTH and UNCUT videos in the Members only Sections of my sites! :D

Tags: behind the scenes (bts), brunette, bubbles / balloons, european
Tbt Concerts Biker Rallys And Titty Shows From The Late 1990s In Iowa
I love when members of the site email me with photos/videos to sell me... this set was shot by a friend (Brian).. he took photos of girls flashing their tits or getting naked while at concerts, bars, etc from the 90's to 00's all around the Des Moines Iowa area! You should totally check out these pics for photos of girls you know, especially if you live in the midwest! Enjoy! And look for my special 15 year anniversary of being in business update this friday on the site! Also it will be announcing the launch of my brand new website, EuroCoeds.com ! Following my travels around Europe and filming naked girls there! (all shot by me)

Tags: compilation, drunk, flashing, public
Beth Is Back To Make Herself Orgasm With A Rabbit Vibe And Fingers
Beth 10/20/2015
Beth's crazy ass mom was trying to break in during this shoot... this is shot in her actual bedroom, her mom doesn't live there, but was staying with her for a couple days and got all drunk... and was literally trying to break down the door during this shoot to stop her daughter from being all naked for my camera... THIS SUCKED... Beth was about to get all freaky freaky with some toys and maybe try anal, but her mom fucking scared her... So here's the last shoot we shot of Beth... Maybe we can talk her into using some anal toys for her next shoot!

Tags: bedroom , big nipples, big tits, brunette
Super Hot Sproty Biker Chick Contest At The 2015 Abate Of Iowa Freedom Rally
This is the second half of the Awesomely long contest that the Abate guys threw on Saturday Afternoon! They always break up all of their contest into different parts, and this was the "Sporty Chicks" last part of the last contest of this year's Freedom Biker Rally. Some super hot fucking girls were bearing all of their assets for the crowd for this one... Lots of damp pussy for everyone to check out! Can't wait until their biker rally next year! Until then though, this is the last biker rally wet tshirt contest that I have to post!

Tags: blue hair, brunette, ebony, ethnic
Allie Anal Attempt but Fail
Allie Tats 10/13/2015
Allie met back up with me at the same seedy iowa hotel room that I shot her last time in! This time she said she was down to attempt to use an anal toy! But after trying and trying to force in one of the toys, even with lots and lots of lube, it still hurt just too much for her to get it inside! So this video still turned out to be a hot and jerk-off-able video showing Allie's juicy vagina, and swollen clit being penetrated with a nice dildo!

Tags: anal, anal masturbation , long legs, pierced
Hot Olivia Banging Herself Out with a Dildo in the Shower then bed
Olivia 10/06/2015
This video shows some behind the scenes of Olivia taking a shower after her first scene getting naked... followed by her getting back onto the bed after her shower and banging out her tight ass pussy one more time for the camera! She's a real exhibitionist! she was getting so fucking hot thinking about all the guys who are at home jerking off to her video!

Tags: booty, dildo, dirty blonde , pierced tits
Euro Trip Hot Mira Champagne Dancing And Dildo Dp
Mira 10/02/2015
This is the HOTTEST and SEXIEST video that I have EVER shot in the past 15 years of shooting video. Super hot Mira (from previous update) came back over to my apartment, here in the center of old town Riga, Latvia... We all started drinking some champagne and I talked her into doing a slow and sexy strip tease show to some american rap music!... halfway through, I asked her if she would be willing to DP herself with a couple toys... she was down! So after stripping down, with the music still going, she takes out a dildo and anal beads and goes to fucking town... This video is the most jerk-off-able video I have ever shot... If you're a member of the site, you have a real treat inside the member's area! If you aren't a member yet, join right now, to watch this full uncut hot ass fucking video!

Tags: anal, brunette, close-ups, dancing
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22yo Blonde Lucia Shaving Her Hairy Pussy Then Glass Dildo Shower Masturbate
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