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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 13 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Super Hotties Playing Drinking Games on Balcony Featuring: Added 04/22/2014
This update is from springbreak in Tampa with a bunch of girls including 3 old Iowa Hooters girls, 2 of which are a set of twins and their best friend, acting crazy playing drinking games and flashing outside on the balcony for everyone in the area to see. watch n see what happens when you get a half dozen midwest girls on vaccation playing naked bar games.

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Mandy Candy Using 2 dildos on Her Bed Featuring: Added 04/20/2014
ok guys, i met up with Mandy Candy again at her old apartment and convinced her that it would be a good thing if she used 2 dildo on her self at the same time.. I told her that DP was the new cool in thing to do ! i was just feeling perverted and wanted to see if she could fit 2 toys in those tight little holes at the same time,,,, score , i win she did it and enjoyed it,, i wonder what crazy thing i can get her to do next time i see her ?

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Hot Alicia Another Wisconsin Chick First Time Nakedo n Camera in Her Real Apartment Featuring: Alicia Wisconsin Added 04/18/2014
Ok so with everyone asking why so many of the girls are from Iowa and Wisconsin, hey i gotta shoot the girls where im at at the moment. Anyways Alicia is a hottie I met through another girl that i know through a 3rd girl that contacted me and said she wanted to get naked. This is the second video of three that i shot of Alicia in her friends upstairs apt in southern Wisconsin.(downstairs neighbor was a nosey dickhead by the way) Alicia was very willing and eager to show me everything she has and while i was shooting her we had to stop because her mom and brother showed up and wanted to watch... i dont think she told her mom what kind of shoot she was doing because she freeked out n everything was put on hold till they left. anyways here is the result of my day just over the state line.

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Kyla Pink Bikini Ass Tickling Rabbit Hotel Shoot Featuring: Kyla Added 04/15/2014
kyla is back and is one of my favorite girls to shoot. this girl has a beautiful face and a rockin body. She is always fun whenever we go anyplace or shoot anything, luv this girl. in this shoot Kyla found a mutant pink rabbit dildo that had a ass tickler on it in my bag of tricks and put it to good use.. She wants to do more shoots in the future so if anyone has any ideas on what to have her do next time we get together send in suggestions and ill see if she is up for it.

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Audrey Wisconsin Teens First Ever Video Guaranteed Featuring: Audrey Added 04/11/2014
Audrey is a girl i know through another girl that contacted me after a year and half of not speaking with her asking if she could shoot a couple of updates. 1st thing i asked was do you still look the same and if so im ready when you are.. well obviously she looks great but is super nervous about doing the shoot. as soon as i turned on the camera she got super shy of the camera. You can tell that she has never let anyone take any sort of naked photos or video of her before. She has a great all natural low ink body, perfect girl next door type. watch as i try to get her comfortable being naked on film or even in front of anyone at all.

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Porsche Kalamazoo Anal Beads and DP in Hotel Featuring: Porsche Added 04/08/2014
Here is the 2nd video i did with Porsche in my Michigan hotel room. this girl is a attention freak, she loves having guys watch her and even more than that she loves masturbating, anytime, anyplace, with anything.... this girl told me she plays with her self multiple times a day. Porscha found out i had anal beads in my camera bag and snatched m up right away... the more toys and the more holes she can play with at the same time the better with her... this girl LOVES ANAL !!! and i think wanted me to jump and join her..... but hey gotta separate business from pleasure so i just let her do her own thing .

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2 Camera Guys Pulling Nasty Train on Skinny Party Girl Amanda Featuring: Ann Added 04/03/2014
Here is some long lost footage of 2 of my old camera guys tag teaming Amanda after the bars in South Padre Island Texas on spring break a couple years ago. Amanda isone of our girls we have shot a few times before in Padre and Partycove. watch what happens when the Kevin, Ricky and Amanda decide to tape a little on the side freaky-deaky after hours fun blowing off some steam and a couple of loads all over this sexy all natural beauty.

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Kitty Showering and Using Her Dildo in Wisconsin Hotel Featuring: Kitty Added 04/01/2014
Kitty came back! to my in a hotel room in southern Wisconsin... after doing a great shoot attempting to fist herself and using multiple toys on herself, i decided to film her cleaning up and getting freeky in the shower after the shoot. figured out that getting the camera too close to hot running water, probably isn't that good for it as i had to keep cleaning the moisture off the lens, or maybe she was just so hot she fogged it up anyways itsEpic! As always, join for the full unedited video and , super hi-resolution photos!

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Alisha and Her Friend Sky Drunk Hotel Lesbian Train Wreck Drunk Pussy Puke Featuring: Alisha ,  Sky Added 03/28/2014
Ok guys here is the 2nd part of the shoot with Alisha, she showed up at a hotel that we eventually got kicked out of by the way with a couple other girls and one of them decided she wanted to get naked too.well this is what happens before i shut the shoot down watch the crazy interview i tried to, wasnt in the mood to get the cops called for them destroying the hotel room or fighting or anything else they did. her naked friend jumped into the action with her on what was supposed to be a solo girl shoot ,, check out this crazy Mexican girl and her even crazier friend for yourself . Gotta be one of the most unorganized clusterfuck shoots i have ever tryed to do,,, and the girls were normal when they showed up, tthese girls went from normal to batshit crazy in under 20 minutes of being at the hotel, wasnt in the mood to babysit so this is what i captured before i had to shut it down ,,, pure off the wall insanity !

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Heaven is Back to Try a Dildo for the First Time in a Cedar Rapids Iowa Hotel Featuring: Heaven #2 Added 03/25/2014
For those of you that remember Heaven from last months nude interview,I first me Heaven at her bachelorette party. after the nude interview and talking with her she cheerfully agreed to using a dildo on film for me,she seemed very interested in trying new things at least once just to say that she had done so. This is the 1st time that she has ever done anything like this before hopefully not the last. Great masturbation scene with plenty of spread shots and close ups.

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Abate 2013 "Shit Show" Style Wet T-Shirt Contest; Good Though Featuring: Added 03/21/2014
Hey guys this another update from the 2013 Abate of Iowa Freedom Rally,i cant remember what day the contest is from they all kinda blend together over the weekend. there is ton of nudity all over the place the entire weekend. this contest has a wide variety of girls in it, everything from hot to not girls, but hey there is a type of girl for everyone's taste in this contest. gotta hand it to all the girls for having the guts to get up there for thousands of drunk horny bikers to see,,, girls we love you all for making sure there is a good size contest each day of the rally....shitloads of booze, bikes, bands and boobs to be had at one of the best party's in the midwest... this event is held every year in Algona Iowa over the July 4th Holiday weekend. this years party is scheduled for July 3,4,5 2014

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Public Nudity at the Abate of Iowa 2013 Biker Rally Featuring: Added 03/18/2014
Hey guys this update is a combination of all the random nudity from the 2013 Abate of Iowa Freedom Rally,there is ton of nudity all over the place the entire weekend, i actually miss out on probably 85% of it because the campground is so large and too much ground to cover properly,,maybe next year ill see if i can get a couple buddy's of mine to go and cover different areas of the campground to try and get more of the craziness shitloads of booze, bikes, bands and boobs to be had at one of the best party's in the midwest... this event is held every year in Algona Iowa over the July 4th Holiday weekend. this years party is scheduled for July 3,4,5 2014

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Mandy Candy First Time Anal Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 03/14/2014
Mandy is back, the sweet innocent looking petite hottie is really a freak in the bed as it seams,, we got her to use 3, yes 3 toys on herself at the same time.. if you remember right she said she woudnt do anal at all, and told me that she doesnt even let her boyfriend get any backdoor lovin, every time he tries to get some she shuts him down,, but when she saw this small but powerful toy that i had just bought she snatched it out of my hands, i told her the only way she was getting that toy was if she crammed it where the sun don't shine,, after a few minutes of bartering she finally agreed to do anal for me on camera, and not only anal she did double penetration 1 in each hole and a 3rd toy she pulled out from underneath her pillow as well.he bf is definitely gonna be jealous when he see's that i got her to do anal and he has never gotten any of that booty !

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Alisha Cedar Rapids First Time Porno Featuring: Alisha Added 03/11/2014
Ok guys here is a new girl Alisha who wanted to get down and dirty for the camera.I met her at a bar a while ago at a bar she was working at and managed to talk her into getting naked for me. she showed up at a hotel that we eventually got kicked out of by the way with a couple other girls and one of them decided she wanted to get naked too. watch the crazy interview i tried to do with Alisha, her naked friend kept distracting her and finally just said fuck it and jumped into the action with her. oh well bonus tittys ,, check out this sexy Mexican girl and her friend for yourself . Gotta be one of the craziest, most unorganized shoots i have ever conducted ,,, pure off the wall insanity !

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Kyla "Will it Fit?" First Time Strange Object Insertion Iowa Hotel room Featuring: Kyla Added 03/07/2014
OK guys we came up with this idea a few years back but only want to do it with the fun girls. Kyla is seemed like the perfect candidate for a dollar store/ will it fit shoot. as she is always giggly and down for about anything.. watch her shove all kinds od stupidly random item up inside of her and love every minute of it. By the way guys she can even write her name withe her pussy... talented if i must say myself. she even does double penetration with a set of pom poms (1 in each hole) I think i need to give her a call and see if she is down to get freaky again for me. any suggestions on what i should have her do?

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