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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 12 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!

Pimps and Hoes Party AKA Players Ball Fantasy Fest This Year Key West Florida Featuring: Added 03/09/2014
everyone had heard of the "Players Ball" and Pimps and Hoes party's, well this is footage from the original and often imitated 2013 event. Tons of skin and barley there outfits, Check out the great Voyeuristic carnival style video that my buddy captured while at the fantasy fest celebration in October,, buttloads of body painted girls,reveling clothing or simply nakedness at this event. a must see for anyone that missed it this year or is looking for event coverage.

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Kyla "Will it Fit?" First Time Strange Object Insertion Iowa Hotel room Featuring: Kyla Added 03/07/2014
OK guys we came up with this idea a few years back but only want to do it with the fun girls. Kyla is seemed like the perfect candidate for a dollar store/ will it fit shoot. as she is always giggly and down for about anything.. watch her shove all kinds od stupidly random item up inside of her and love every minute of it. By the way guys she can even write her name withe her pussy... talented if i must say myself. she even does double penetration with a set of pom poms (1 in each hole) I think i need to give her a call and see if she is down to get freaky again for me. any suggestions on what i should have her do?

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Kaity Behind the Scenes Sexy Photoshoot in Her Apartment Featuring: Kaity Added 03/04/2014
Ok guys this is a behind the scenes photo shoot with Kaity in her friend Mileys apartment. we shot these pix for the hell of it and some of them came out pretty well. None of the photos have been photoshopped at all so that you can see how stunningly beautiful Kaity really is. I would love to shoot this girl again but i think she is still regretting shooting naked for the internet, and she moved a couple hours away...hopefully she will change her mind and do another shoot in the future cause i really loved my job when shooting her,,,, this girl has perfect tits and is just downright sexy.

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Blonde Lindsey DP and Pulling a Rabbit Out of Her Ass on Her Couch in Waterloo Iowa Featuring: Lindsey Bl Added 02/28/2014
Blonde Lindsey is on of the sexiest freakiest girls i know... the longer i know her the more she keeps surprising me. Lindsey loves showing off and loves her toys. i never get tired of seeing her perfect ass naked and in this video that ass is getting busy with toys and getting double penetrated ,,,Im pretty sure Lindsey gets off with me filming her and knowing guy will be watching her play with herself. The thing with her is she loves doing this and everything she does on film she enjoys and does off film also,O ya she is a swinger too guys.... so u never know what can happen when lindsey is around.

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Young Iowa Girl Named Heaven First Ever Video Featuring: Heaven #2 Added 02/25/2014
I first me Heaven at her bachelorette party where she got up onstage and stripped down. loved the natural girl next door look so ive been bugging her now for over a year to shoot something with me so the rest of the world can see. this is the 1st time that she has ever done anything like this before, and hopefully not the last. Great naked interview and plenty of spread shots and close ups.

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Kitty First Time Anal and Double Penetration Featuring: Kitty Added 02/21/2014
Kitty told me she was a ANAL VIRGIN so i took it apon myself to change that for her , we found a small but powerful vibrator for her to use in her ass,, she wasnt thrilled about the fact that she was cramming something in the back door , but she was a trooper an went through with it, i don't think any of her future boyfriends will be getting and ANAL ACTION anytime soon. but hey, good news is i captured her poppin her anal cherry on film for all to see. Hope you enjoy the view. i sure did !!!!

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Abate 2013 Cougar and Badass Milf Wet Tshirt Contest at Iowa Biker Rally Featuring: Added 02/18/2014
This is the 2nd half of the last contest that they had at this years Abate of Iowa Biker Rally here in Iowa... they split the contest into 2 category's "Sportsters" and the "Big Twins" obviously these were the Big Twin chicks in this lineup, and they weren't scared at all of being naked in front of a crowd of horny guys! for those that dont understand the category's for the girl's, the sportster's are the a/b cup girls and the Big Twins are the c-cup and bigger chested girls, and the modified girls (motorcycle terms) ... 2013 Cool Down /wet t-shirt contest at a Abate of Iowa Rally..They run a contest Thursday, Friday, Saturday each year over the July 4th weekend (Algona Iowa).

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Baily and Maddie Ozarks Lost Tape Stunning Girls Featuring: Bailey ,  Maddie Added 02/16/2014
This a long lost tape featuring two of my favorite party girls Baily and Maddie . this tape somehow got lost on the way back from the Ozarks and appeared shoved into a little never used pocket on an old camera bag. I forgot all about that crazy night with the girls destroying my buddies room after being out on a boat all day till I stumbled on this little goldmine . Its a couple years old but its great footage with two of the sites favorite models.

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Milf and Teen Street Flashing at Fantasy Fest 2013 Duval Street Key West Florida Featuring: Added 02/14/2014
We spent the week down in Key West Florida again this year for this year's Fantasy Fest Festival! Here's the first video update that I'm posting from this trip! Just like always, this year was great! Many Many Many young and old titties and pussy's being exposed to the night air on Duval Street!... I think we're one of the last sites out there filming this kind of video! So Please Sign Up and Pay for a membership to enjoy this and future updates! Thank you for your support!

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Porsche Kalamazoo Hotel Couch Fingers Featuring: Porsche Added 02/11/2014
Big and Beautiful Porsche is back again! This time she got a little bit crazier and pushed her fingers into her pink twat! ... I told her that she's getting a following of fans on the Nebraska Coeds site, and she acted kind of surprised... I told her that next time she needs to go even further, if she wants to do another video with me! Enjoy this juicy update!

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Dirty Lap Dance At My Buddy's Bachelor Party By Stripper Friend of Mine Featuring: Dakota Added 02/09/2014
My Buddy Jesse wasn't the bachelor at last week's bachelor party, but he was truly treated as such by the stripper that I had drive into town for entertainment! She gave an especially dirty lap dance, complete with a penis lick (blowjob?) and kindof handjob... Wow is all I really have to say...

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Abate 2013 All Hot Girls Contest in Iowa Featuring: Added 02/07/2014
This was the last contest that they had at this years Abate of Iowa Biker Rally here in Iowa... and what a way to go out for the year! WIth a BANG! Nothing but very bangable chicks in this lineup, and they weren't scared at all of being naked in front of a crowd of horny guys! Hope this helps warm you up on this cold winter night! ... Also, I've heard rumors that next years biker rally will be more "family oriented"... lets hope the fuck not... I will be extremely sad if this was the last wet tshirt contest at a Abate of Iowa Rally...

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Conesville Biker Rally in Iowa Crazy Pole Contest Featuring: Added 02/04/2014
Conesville Biker Rally has been very good about having new and different types of naked chick contests. This year they had super hot chicks doing something like WWF wrestling, followed by a group of about 10 contestants; of every shape and size doing a pole dance off! (what you see for most of this update) BUT, then they switch it up at the end, and dangle pickles by strings down to girls who are waiting on their knees, trying to catch the pickles in their mouths! LOVE THE IDEA!

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Mandy Candy and Her First Ever Dildo Video Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 01/31/2014
Young Mandy Candy has NEVER used a dildo before! Her tight little pussy could barely stretch enough to fit this normal sized dildo! It's so fucking hot how when she forces it in her hole, that it just stays in, with now hands or anything, even though she is dripping wet with her juices! All kinds of really great close-ups of her tiny body! Join now to see the entire unedited video in the members only section!

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Carmen Masturbating in Shower Featuring: Carmen Added 01/28/2014
Shot this super hot video of Carmen the other day... she didn't have time for a proper long shoot, so we just did a quick shower bang out session! ... God this girl is sexy, in such an exotic and fun way! Join now to see the entire, un edited video in the members only section!

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