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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 13 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!

Fantasy Fest 2014 Night Club Hot Body Contest Hosted by Ron Jeremy Featuring: Added 12/16/2014
What can we say? Ron Jeremy is a legend, parties are known to be fun, and there's a horse-load of sexy ladies looking get handled, and by that, we mean "sexed up." Or "sexted." Or "snapchatted." Or, simply, "banged." You should watch as these ladies shake their ass! That way, you and the old dude in a robe and captain's hat will have something in common!

and  16 minutes, 9 seconds  of video

Holly Jolly Mandy Candy Holiday Special with Crazy Object Insertions Galore Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 12/12/2014
Stockings, turkeys, Mandy Candy; all SORTS of things get stuffed during the holidays. In this episode, Mandy shows us the true meaning of Christmas: Her super-awesome pussy. (We'd make a "ho, ho, ho" joke, but Mandy's no prostitute: just a girl with a heart of gold and a love for putting things in her junk.) We've got bubbles, we've got toys, and we've even got a Rudolph marker inside Mandy, and she uses her extraordinary snatch-muscles to draw a picture that's definitely better than any bullshit kid-art hanging on my fridge. Check out the trailer and sign up today to see every item on your Christmas wishlist disappear into Mandy Candy!

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Dante's Hot Swinger Contest from Last Month at Fantasy Fest 2014 PART2 Featuring: Added 12/09/2014
Here's the second part of this years Dante's Hot Body Contest during Fantasy Fest 2014 Last month! Hope you enjoy this! This second part is much more raunchy than the first part that I posted last week!

and  34 minutes, 36 seconds  of video

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Dante's Hot Swinger Contest from Last Month at Fantasy Fest 2014 PART1 Featuring: Added 12/05/2014
Dante's hot body contest takes the cake again! It was so good and long, in fact, that I had to break it into 2 separate updates! These super hot, and wild chicks, aged 18-50 really took this competition seriously! And, well, for a $1000 cash prize, who can blame them! Watch these girls finger eachother's assholes, lick clit, and MORE all in open public view at the Dante's Pool in Key West! (Part 2 to follow soon)

and  33 minutes, 31 seconds  of video

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Fantasy Fest 2014 Strip Club Party and Hot Body Strip Contest Featuring: Added 12/02/2014
We're back and have finally slept off the hangover from Fantasy Fest 2014 this year! This year's fantasy fest was completely unglued... Girls were licking pussy in the street, and even using dildos for the crowds to see! So many girls flashing pussy just out on the streets as well. So man, in fact, there is a call in the local key west news papers to "un-pornify" fantasy fest next year. Something like making all of the guys with cameras register, pay a fee, and subject themselves for arrest if they film anything other than just topless girls on the streets. Anyway Here is video from the second contest that I was able to film... one of the local strip clubs had the contest, and actually let me film inside the strip club! VERY hot video!

and  32 minutes, 33 seconds  of video

Bigger Blacker Dildo Getting Stuck in 18 Year Old Honey's Hole Featuring: Honey Added 11/25/2014
Hannah is back with a huge black rubber dildo with balls that scared the hell out of a few girls when they looked at new toys. Hannah went right for it, telling me im not scared ! bring it on ! she loved this dildo alot, she told me it felt like a real cock inside her. not sure who she meant by that cause this thing is fuckin huge and hats off to any guy thats swingin that much meat ! anyways your gonna love seeing her destroy herself with this monstrous big black cock.. i need to try and schedule her for another shoot and see if she has any friends that might want to jump in the video with her. hopefully i will get another shoot done with her very soon.

33 Photos and  23 minutes, 27 seconds  of video

Maxi Second Video Trying Pink Dildo in Her TIny Pussy Featuring: Maxi Added 11/21/2014
Fresh new model Maxi is back for her second video and VERY FIRST TIME USING A TOY EVER. she was a little scared about it at first but as soon as she tried she instantly started going to town on herself, id say she picked the perfect toy. she loves the ears on the rabbit tickling her pretty pink pussy, hey they kinda match. watch the video and try to count the number of times she makes herself cum on camera.

242 Photos and  22 minutes, 50 seconds  of video

Twelve Inches of Pink Dildo in Mandy Candy's Tight Pussy Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 11/18/2014
Hey guys Mandy Candy is back for this update masturbating in her ex-boyfriends cousin's basement,, i felt like i was shooting this in a fuckin cave, the ceiling was low enough that i personally couldnt stand up strait in it. the place kinda reminded me of the scene from silence of the lambs "it puts the lotion on the skin" but Mandy was more than comfortable down there as she had been there a few times. Mandy didnt waste any time pulling out this 12 inch pink dildo out of her bag and forcing it into her tiny pink pussy,,,, i honestly think that masturbating is her favorite pastime, this girl never goes anyplace without a battery operated friend !hope you enjoy Mandy going full-on cave woman in this newest update.

201 Photos and  25 minutes, 35 seconds  of video

Double Vag Dildo and Triple Penetration Anal Stretch of Her Tiny Young Holes +Squirting Featuring: Maria Ciroc Added 11/11/2014
Triple penetration!!! yes i said triple, one in the rear and 2 larger dildos in the front, its her version of a mini-van. Maria is my new favorite model always up to try new things and force large objects into small pink wet openings. this girl is a superstar! beautiful with no limits on what she will try sexually. if anyone has any suggestions for the next shoot with her send them in and we will try to get it shot for ya! Also, Don't miss Maria Squirting loads of liquid out of her pussy while she forces two fingers in, at the same time as a big blue dildo! Extreme!

48 Photos and  19 minutes, 29 seconds  of video

Fantasy Fest 2014 First Wet Tshirt Contest During This Year's Festival (live from key west) Featuring: Added 11/01/2014
Shot this last Thursday night while out during Fantasy Fest 2014 on the beautiful and tropical island of Key West, Florida! You guys are in for SUCH A FUCKING TREAT with all of the upcoming fantasy fest updates that I am editing! This year was the RAUNCHIEST fantasy fest that any of us have ever seen! Girls using strap-ons in the streets, licking random girls pussies out in the open and even fingering their own assholes right out in the light of day on Duval Street! It was so wild that the Key West newspapers have been talking about how to stop the sex fest next year! Well in the meantime, enjoy this first contest that I'm posting from Cowboy Bills!

and  22 minutes, 7 seconds  of video

Honey is Only 18 Doing Her Second Video Ever Stretching Her Pussy with a Thick Blue Vibe Featuring: Honey Added 10/28/2014
Hannah is back again with this big blue dildo. that thing is monsterous compared to her tiny frame. Hannah drives her new motorized friend deep inside over and over again cumming several times on camera. watch as she stretches herself to the limit for all of you to enjoy.

42 Photos and  24 minutes, 20 seconds  of video

Mandy Candy Pink Vibrator Forest Wilderness Flannel Fun Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 10/17/2014
Here's something a little different from Mandy candy taken right before we left to go to Nudes-a-Poppin this year, (Mandy won 2 trophy's and is the current miss petite 2014) We had some time to kill before we left town waiting around on another girl that ended up bailed out on the trip, so we decided to go play in the creek behind her parents apartment. i love outdoor setting alot better than just shooting in hotels and girl places... except when the bugs come out and start dive bombing us like the did this day... Mandy told me it was too hard to be sexy when you have a mosquito trying to bite your nipples or buzzing around your head sooo we packed it up and hit the local Hardees on the way to NAP.. and guys if you want to meet Mandy in person, she is planning on attending the 2015 Nudes-a-Poppin event so make travel arrangements to come and talk to her and take your own personal footage of her and the rest of the girls.

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Sporty Young Girls Wet Tshirt Boob Contest at Abate 2014 Biker Rally Algona Iowa Featuring: Added 10/14/2014
This is the Thursday sporters update (1st day) from the 2014 ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally held over the 4th of July weekend every year in Algona Iowa. they have a wet-t-shirt contest Thursday, Friday and Saturday that they split into 2 categories. sportsters (smaller chested girls) and the big twins for the bigger chested girls. this is the sportster division of the Friday contest, a big group of hot naked biker chicks in this contest.there are a few girls in this contest that you might recognize from past years contests and thankfully they are winners from past contests... hope to see a few of you next year at this event. If you like beer, bikes bands or boobs you will love the Freedom Rally !

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18 Year Old Angie Can't Even Force a Small DIldo in Her Tiny Virgin Hole - Must See to Believe Featuring: Angie Added 10/10/2014
barely 18 years old and Newly graduated Angie is back for her second video. this girls is tight! like she could hurt somebody tight. watch as she tries to fit a simple candy cane striped vibrator into herself and the damn thing just won't fit! either her boyfriend has the tiniest cock in the world to fit in their or she aint givin it up to him because she is so tiny, like virgin tiny ! she eagerly spreads herself open and fingers that tight tiny little pussy with the biggest smile on her face.and her brand new class ring clearly in the shot,,, i think if you look hard enough you can read the high school name and year 2014 on the side. angie moved away for the winter but told me she was coming back to visit a few times so im gonna have to catch up with her next time she comes home to visit..... maybe thanksgiving ... another session with her would make me very thankful,,, i luv this girl she is o cute and innocent looking but secretly a closet freak !

580 Photos and  24 minutes, 24 seconds  of video

18 year old Honey Wearing a Wig and Nervously Naked for the First Time on Camera Featuring: Honey Added 10/03/2014
New model time again! I met this little gypsy girl named Hannah (aka honey) a few weeks ago and finally got together with her to do a shoot. She is very nervous about being on video, the photo's not so much,, she was afraid she would look stupid talking on camera... i think she looks great and as soon as she gets naked and you can see that banging body what normal guy could find any faults. we couldn't find a good place to film so we have Hannah and her tight all natural body in a raggedy hotel room, This is the first time she has done anything naked on camera and as you can tell she is very nervous at first, but I think that she did a great first interview with me for the site. Watch her spread herself to the limits and see how many fingers she can fit inside.

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