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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 12 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!

Amateur College Girl Kleopatra Doing First Porn Video and Gaping Her Pussy Featuring: Kleopatra Added 06/27/2014
Hey guys I found Kleo partying on St Patricks day in Kalamazoo Michigan, they had a big street party going on up there and i spotted this gypsy girl randomly flashing the crowd looking sexy as hell and having a blast. so I walked up to her while getting myself another green beer and asked her if she would be interested in shooting a nude video for me.. well even though she was fine with showing off to the party goers it took a little convincing to get to to agree , but obviously she finally did and this is what happened when i followed her back to her apartment down the street and started getting her naked for her first ever naked video.

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April Naked While Driving Down I-80 Nude and Masturbating on the Way to Chicago Featuring: April Added 06/20/2014
April needed a ride to come up for my bachelor party here in Chicago 2 weeks ago... She rode up with one of my camera guys, and was getting a bit horny on the road... He took the opportunity to do a video with her, in the car, while a friend took the wheel! April was flashing truck drivers, and touching her wet pussy in anticipation of you guys watching this video!

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Petite Blonde Jules First Time Ever Naked on Camera Featuring: Jules Added 06/12/2014
Met 18 year old Jules while eating in a local mall food court. Asked her if she had ever done any modeling, and told her that I'd love to do a "test shoot" with her... Well a few days later, she called me back and agreed, so we met in a hotel, and I got her totally naked for the first time ever in her life on a camera. Fresh fresh fresh meat! Hope you enjoy!

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Petite Molly from Wisconsin First Time Ever Video Featuring: Molly Added 06/04/2014
Tiny girls like Molly only come around every so often... This girl has one tight and tiny little body! She's super cool with me filming her after she drank a few beers... She even let me put my finger in her ass and pussy, to see how tight she really is! Her bubbly personality is sure to help you get your rocks off with this super hot amateur video! Enjoy :D

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Can Innocent Kyla Fit Her Fist Inside? Featuring: Kyla Added 05/27/2014
To fist or not to fist herself for that is the question ? my girl Kyla is back and i asked her before just how many fingers she could fit inside of herself,, well today she decided to find out the answer and attempted to fit her whole fist in there.. watch as she trys over and over again to get a whole hand inside of her pretty pink pussy.... i love her facial expressions while she is doing this..such a pretty innocent face to be attempting to do dirty stuff on camera ! i love it !!!! Kyla you fuckin rock girl !

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Audrey Using Dildo for the First Time in Her Real Wisconsin Apartment Featuring: Audrey Added 05/20/2014
this is the last scene i shot with my nervous little girl next door . and probably the last time anyone will ever get her to do anything like this,,, she was pretty unsure of whether or not she wanted to use a toy on herself in front of a camera for people to see,,, i think she was paranoid that her dad or people she knew would find out and give her a bunch of crap for it, but hey she did do it anyways,,, she kept getting all kinds of jumpy whenever there as an expectant noise from the downstairs neighbor im thinking he was a friend of the family and tells them everything she does and who comes and goes from her apartment... anyways im hoping that she will maybe shoot another video but i really doubt it,,, keep your fingers crossed .

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Mandi Playing with Herself After Her First Girl/Girl Video Featuring: Mandi Added 05/13/2014
My favorite SQUIRTER is back,, this girl can shoot it over 3 feet away, 1st time i shot her she launched it right over my head and onto the camera. anyways watch many pleasure herself with a lager purple plastic friend for about 10 minutes and then just grab her boyfriend that was standing next to me watch her n decided she was hungry and wanted to gobble some cock !!! ya totally unexpected,,, but he didnt seem to mind the promptitude blowjob session. this is the 1st time that she has ever done any GUY/GIRL action on film for anyone or even personal cellphone video... watch and enjoy. im hoping we might be able t o get her to do more real sex on film !

and  10 minutes, 40 seconds  of video

Alicia from Wisconsin is Back This Time Trying a Dildo for the First Time Featuring: Alicia Wisconsin Added 05/06/2014
this is the 2nd update for Alicia she is best friends with Audrey the girl in the last update... she was alot more comfortable in front of the camera and agreed to masturbate using a bright pink dildo for me, and she really seemed to enjoy herself to the max. she told me that she loved the idea of getting off so alot of random strangers could watch her.. this girls a little kinky and love the attention. she hopes that everyone watch gets off to her video !

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Audrey from Wisconsin Getting Naked with Lotion in Her Real Life Bedroom Featuring: Audrey Added 05/04/2014
Ok guys, we are back with Audrey at her apartment just over the Wisconsin border. this girl is super nervous in front of the camera, never did get used to it. i think she might have been 2nd guessing doing a full nude scene on camera but decided to go through with it anyways. watch this all natural hard body typical girl next door rubbing lotion all over her body and feeling herself up in the process.

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Cinqo De Mayo Miley Sombrero Little Pink Toy Featuring: Miley Added 05/02/2014
oks guys since its basically CinQo De Mayo in a few days we decided to run a special update with Miley one of my personal favorite models... Watch as Miley goofs around in the outfit we picked out for her (little girl in a big hat ) and then gets down to business with a little pussy pink vibrator. this girl is just downright cute and still has fun while still being very sexy and very naughty at the same time in this update.hope you all enjoy miss Miley for this fun holiday update.

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Heaven First Time Anal and Double Penetration Featuring: Added 04/25/2014
Ok guys for all you Pee-Freeks out there i start out this update with Heaven in the bathroom and then onto the bed to get nasty. innocent Heaven said she will try anything once so i talked her into using a full size vibrator in her ass and then using on in each hole at the same time... its her first time with double penetration and from what i can tell she enjoyed it alot and will be doing much more DP action in the future.

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Super Hotties Playing Drinking Games on Balcony Featuring: Added 04/22/2014
This update is from springbreak in Tampa with a bunch of girls including 3 old Iowa Hooters girls, 2 of which are a set of twins and their best friend, acting crazy playing drinking games and flashing outside on the balcony for everyone in the area to see. watch n see what happens when you get a half dozen midwest girls on vaccation playing naked bar games.

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Mandy Candy Using 2 dildos on Her Bed Featuring: Added 04/20/2014
ok guys, i met up with Mandy Candy again at her old apartment and convinced her that it would be a good thing if she used 2 dildo on her self at the same time.. I told her that DP was the new cool in thing to do ! i was just feeling perverted and wanted to see if she could fit 2 toys in those tight little holes at the same time,,,, score , i win she did it and enjoyed it,, i wonder what crazy thing i can get her to do next time i see her ?

and  18 minutes, 31 seconds  of video

Hot Alicia Another Wisconsin Chick First Time Nakedo n Camera in Her Real Apartment Featuring: Alicia Wisconsin Added 04/18/2014
Ok so with everyone asking why so many of the girls are from Iowa and Wisconsin, hey i gotta shoot the girls where im at at the moment. Anyways Alicia is a hottie I met through another girl that i know through a 3rd girl that contacted me and said she wanted to get naked. This is the second video of three that i shot of Alicia in her friends upstairs apt in southern Wisconsin.(downstairs neighbor was a nosey dickhead by the way) Alicia was very willing and eager to show me everything she has and while i was shooting her we had to stop because her mom and brother showed up and wanted to watch... i dont think she told her mom what kind of shoot she was doing because she freeked out n everything was put on hold till they left. anyways here is the result of my day just over the state line.

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Kyla Pink Bikini Ass Tickling Rabbit Hotel Shoot Featuring: Kyla Added 04/15/2014
kyla is back and is one of my favorite girls to shoot. this girl has a beautiful face and a rockin body. She is always fun whenever we go anyplace or shoot anything, luv this girl. in this shoot Kyla found a mutant pink rabbit dildo that had a ass tickler on it in my bag of tricks and put it to good use.. She wants to do more shoots in the future so if anyone has any ideas on what to have her do next time we get together send in suggestions and ill see if she is up for it.

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