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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 16 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!
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Barely 18 Karina Using Huge White Dildo In Bath Tub
Karina 06/10/2016
Barely 18 year old Karina agreed to come back over to my apartment to experiment with a big ass dildo! I don't think this girl will be doing many more videos, but I somehow managed to talk her into this shoot... I really got some awesome close-ups showing her tiny pussy stretching to the limit to accommodate this huge dildo that I found! I made sure to zoom in to the max to show her tiny gaping little hole after she takes it out, and also to show the rippling fleshy parts of her pussy coming out clinging to the dildo!

Tags: 18 years old, auditions, bath (shower), bath tub
19yo Teen Girls Candice And Sharlote Using Dildos On Eachother On My Balcony
Candice, Sharlote 06/07/2016
Two sexy hot 19 year olds going down on eachother and using dildos on eachother on my balcony! Very sexy, I love how Candice really loved this dildo! She said she loved how thick it is! It's really so funny and innocent though, the way that Sharlote has really no clue how to use the dildo on Candice, or how to really go down on her while using the dildo. Candice pulls Sharlote's hair a bit, and shows her more how to do it right!... Since we shot this outside on my balcony, and I am living here in the city center of Riga, I find it even extra interesting about how many of the people in the offices across the street look over and see what we are doing! CRAZY that nobody ever says anything to me!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, balcony, bi sexual
Teen Samanta Masturabting With Glass Dildo Then Peeing In A Scary Abandoned Building
Samanta 06/03/2016
I have been wanting to do a video in one of the many abandoned buildings around town for quite some time... I finally found a good one, that seemed fairly safe and looked good on camera! It just happens to be across the street from a military police station, but I hope that never bites me in the ass! Ok, So last week I took Areana out naked in the forest as an experiment into me getting back out into public to film... I picked Samanta to be my second outdoor model, because she's also chill like Areana. Which really helps when filming outdoors, ESPECIALLY when I'm filming in a new place, and have really NO IDEA who the fuck might walk up at any moment! Samanta needed to pee at the end of the shoot, so I asked her if I could film her peeing, which she graciously allowed me to! Enjoy this video, hope you like it!

Tags: abandoned building, amateur, athletic , bleached blonde
Areana Back Riding Her Bike Nude Masturbating In The Forest
Areana 05/31/2016
Areana is a super cool chick, so when I started to make some plans to start doing some videos outside again... She was the first girl that came to mind, because she's so chill and laid back.... She was totally down to ride my bike naked in the forest, and then masturbate on a towel :D I got some killer closeups, including some gaping closeups of her young highschool aged pussy.... I can't wait to do another outdoor shoot with her! Enjoy!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, behind the scenes (bts), close-ups
19yo Areana Still In Highschool Doing Her First Ever Video
Areana 05/27/2016
Have a real treat for you this week! 19 year old Areana, who's still in highschool! She's taking home schooling classes online, but it's still legit highschool! AND she's a super cool gamer chick that is really fun and sexy to hang out with! She was very nervous for this first video, but she relaxed a bit once she was finally naked and rubbing her tiny teen clit! Hope you enjoy this video and can't wait to show you more of this beautiful teen girl!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, auditions, casting couch
Virgin Sharlote First Time Ever Having A Dildo In Her Pussy
I shot this video with 19 year old virgin Sharlote just after the glowstick stretching video of her that I posted last week. She has NEVER had anything in her pussy, except for tampons and some guys' fingers... definitely never had a dildo or a penis inside of her. So this is the video where she finally penetrates her virgin gash with a piece of phallic bliss! We were sure to use PLENTY of lube, and we did it out on my balcony, since we're having such a warm spring! Complete with people walking down the street in the background! (Makes me wonder about how many people noticed what we were doing up here!) ... I got some pretty great close-ups in this video! Be sure to check out what her pussy looks like afterwards, also got some closeups of that!

Tags: 19 yrs old , balcony, brunette, clit rubbing
Teen Samanta Back Working Out Naked Then Mast With Jump Rope
Samanta 05/20/2016
Working out in the nude... what a great idea for a new gym! I mean there were so many news articles last week about the new "nude restaurant" in london opening soon... why not a gym! Most of the girls that go to a gym are in pretty good shape, so I know I would really like to start to work out in a nude gym! Here is teen Samanta's second video! Working out totally naked in my living room! COMPLETE with her masturbating with the jump rope handle after getting all sweaty! I got some really great video close-up shots during this video, including some gaping parts :D

Tags: amateur, bleached blonde, blonde, clit rubbing
Nina Peeing Then Letting Me Use A Dildo On Her In Bubble Bath
Nina 05/17/2016
It's been a few weeks since we met up with Sexy Nina! She has been busy lately ditching her boyfriend, and as soon as she got rid of the douchebag, she came by my hotel and let me film her peeing (with a good view of the pee stream) ... THEN she let me bang her out nicely with a dildo! Enjoy!

Tags: amateur, bath (shower), bath tub , behind the scenes (bts)
Teen Kate Panty Stuffing On Balcony Getting Caught By Neighbors Then Glass Dildo On Bed
Kate 05/13/2016
Had my new teen friend Kate over today... I have shot her previously a few times for my other site Euro Coeds ... but she's still very fresh and new, and she showed up today with a brand new hair color! Anyway, I thought I'd start filming her on my balcony (on one of the busiest streets here) stuffing her pussy with her panties and then using a glass dildo... BUT one of the offices across the street was working late, and the ladies were getting pissed off and taking photos and trying to yell at us from across the street. So, instead of talking back to them, we moved the shoot into the bedroom... Very very un cool (I was halfway scared they called the police on us)... but anyway, with the windows open and the lights on in the bedroom, so the office across the street could still see, but could do nothing about since we were now in my apartment... we continued with the shoot! FUCKING AWESOME.... I love glass dildos and panty stuffing! Ok anyway, watch the trailer and enjoy!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, balcony, glass dildo
Fresh Teen Samanta Does Her First Ever Video
Samanta 05/10/2016
Young Samanta has NEVER done anything like this before. Once again, some truly fresh meat for you guys to enjoy! You can't help but love her bleached out blonde hair, I forgot to ask her what her natural hair color is, but I'll do that for her next shoot. She was very nervous for this video... She's had the same boyfriend for 6 years, and has only had sex with a couple guys.... so this is truly truly a treat for your viewing pleasure! I love how pink her nipples are, and how nice her body is. I did talk a little bit too much during this video, but I also made sure to be quiet for much of the time so that you can better enjoy...

Tags: amateur, auditions, bleached blonde, blonde
19yo Candice With 19yo Virgin Sharlote First Time Gg Lap Dance Pussy Kiss
Candice, Sharlote 05/06/2016
19 year old virgin Sharlote with fresh 19 year old Candice! First time lesbian experience! Sharlote is very very sexually innocent... she really just has no idea what to do, but Candice really shows her what's up. They start by strip teasing, stripping and lap dancing to some fresh rap music. Then somehow or another, they ended up on the couch, kissing and touching each other... Then I talk Sharlote into going down on Candice! It's so funny to see what this girl thinks going down on another chick means! She like licks it something like you would eat some soup or something ... you just need to watch the video to understand what I mean. Anyway, this video turned out really fucking hot. I really love watching 2 girls do something like this for the first time in their lives!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, athletic , behind the scenes (bts)
19yo Sharlote Penetrating Her Virgin Pussy With Glowsticks To Stretch Herself
Sharlote 05/03/2016
VIRGIN 19 year old Sharlote has never had a dildo inside of her. She has only used tampons and had her boyfriends fingers inside her pussy. I really wanted to do a video with her using a dildo, so I decided to make this video with her. I was thinking that if she just used the small glowsticks, she could slowly and gradually stretch her virgin hole a bit, so that it didn't hurt as bad when she tried a dildo for the first time! This ended up being an AWESOME idea! I got some pretty sweet, and partially gaping closeups of her virgin gash! It's really interesting to see inside a virgin hole. Never fucked, never anything.

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, bedroom , brunette
Real Virgin 19yo Sharlote Nervous And Shy On My Couch
Sharlote 04/29/2016
Sharlote doing her first video! SHE'S A VIRGIN! NO, FOR REAL! a 19 year old virgin, she has never given a blowjob or fucked, only some handjobs and she has let one guy finger her.... I even told her about the famous "loophole" where a girl can just stay a virgin if she only has anal sex. But, she said that her boyfriend told her that anal sex would be too painful for her. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE THINKING, LOL. This girl is very interesting and EXTREMELY shy when she got naked. She also has some serious puffy nipples! Check out her virgin hole, complete with lots of juicy close-ups in this video!

Tags: 19 yrs old , amateur, auditions, brunette
Fly On The Wall Voyeur Video Of Nina In Her Hotel Room
Nina 04/22/2016
This video is the behind the scenes as Nina gets ready for a video shoot. She gets her makeup on and gets into bed. She uses her cell phone to take photos of her pussy and then uses a mirror to look at her pussy. When she decides that the ultra pink slit in her crotch is ready for action she masturbates with a mint green vibrator. There are lots of close ups of Nina's petite pink pussy.

Tags: amateur, bathroom, bedroom , behind the scenes (bts)
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Becky Berry
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Amazing Becky Berry Peeing Then Smoking Cigarette With Her Pussy In My Window
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