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I have been referring to this girl as "that russian girl" ... but she's not russian... she says she's actually irish in her ancestry .... super hot chick, can't wait to shoot her tomorrow

Just a heads up... I am phasing out the WMV movie format in the members area over the next few days. I will be leaving the AVI, FLV and MP4 formats... MP4 is by far the best quality files FYI So yeah, just keep enjoying the site!

gabby flashing at a rave
been trying to shoot this girl... think she will finally do a video with us next week... anyway she wasn't too shy to flash her tits at the rave we were at the other night... nice fucking tits! would love to see a load sprayed all over them!

Update on Trips
Ok, so we will have the first Spring Break 2012 videos up from Key West Florida, in the next few weeks... ALSO, going to be going to lake of the Ozarks again for Memorial Day Weekend (in a bout a month)... This time we are doing it BIG... have a 63' House boat all to ourselves... it's going to be CRAZY!

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