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Live picture from the Abate of Iowa 2015 Biker Rally that we are shooting this weekend First contest of the weekend is just now starting! We are front row and filming in crisp clear video!

Our Spring Break 2015 from Panama City Beach Florida Trip was a total and utterly awesome success! We haven't shot spring break in some years, so this was a big step for us! Sent down 3 camera guys and 2 iowa amateur girls (one you have seen before, Miranda)... We spent a week down there, shooting the girls experimenting with dildos, naked yoga, first time strap-on sex in a hot-tub, flashing on the beach, and wet t contests at the world famous club lavela! Here are some sample photos that i'm willing to share with you guys that read my blog... but the proper updates will follow in about a week. Right now, I'm just too hungover and tired to post the proper updates :D But be sure to Join Today! (if you're not already a member) so that you'll be the first to see the super high resolution 4k video and amazingly clear photos!

Just an update on spring break! It's going amazing! We shot 750GB of fresh new video and photos ... all kinds of fresh girls showing flesh! I will begin posting proper updates from spring break on April 1st (or perhaps a few days before)... in the meantime, here are some sample pics from my phone

Our official Nebraska Coeds Filming Crew has just arrived at spring break 2015 in Panama City Beach Florida! Sent down 2 girls with the camera guys... and we are filming daily wet tshirt contests while we are there! Here are the two girls ... I'll also be posting a daily video showing some samples of what's going on while they are there partying! The official Spring Break video updates will be up within 2 weeks from now! Jim

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