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One of our most favorite models, Teacher Lindsey, has been featured in the world news regarding her recent discovery of a previously unknown human descendant in Africa! Congrats Linds!... If you would like to see all of her videos click on her photo

I'm 200 videos in, to a total remastering of all of my videos going backwards... It has taken me a month to do the first 200, and I have about 600 left to do... so In about 3 more months, everything in the nebraskacoeds members section will be as clear as possible from the original videos! Also, most of what I have shot since 2009 was actually shot in super high resolution 60 frames per second... so all of these videos are getting much much clearer for you guys! Be sure to check some of what I've updated out! Maybe some of your favorite older videos are now re-done!

Today I would like to announce the fact that I have completely rebuilt the entire server cluster hosting the site! Everything should be running faster than ever for you! Hope you enjoy the new speed of the site! (it has taken me and my techs about a month to work through all the kinks, sorry to those of you that have had to experience some of these kinks personally!)

Live picture from the Abate of Iowa 2015 Biker Rally that we are shooting this weekend First contest of the weekend is just now starting! We are front row and filming in crisp clear video!

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